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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


There are a lot of black ants in my house. Near the kitchen door, at the wall beside the fridge, on the floor across the living to the dining room...

Old folks in the province believe that black ants bring good luck, making me put off thrice the "extermination" schedule. So everytime I would open the fridge, I would see these black tiny voluntary slaves making their way up to the ceiling. They usually traverse in straight line, carrying with them microscopic food or treasures perhaps. As they pass by each other, they would stop for a microsecond and touch heads before moving on. Could they be whispering to one another? I wonder what they tell each other during that split second encounters?

My guesses:

* Ant politics
* Lottery tips
* Latest ant showbiz gossip
* Updates on the Michael Jackson child molestation trial
* The queen ant's new boyfriend
* Sweetest part of the dead cockroach's body

:-) Whhaaaa! Im just feeling silly.


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