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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gruesome Dimsum

As I was coming out of my carpark this morning, I almost ran over a semi-stray cat. Semi-stray because nobody officially owns him. He's being fed, sheltered (sometimes) by neighbors, our village security guards and by me. By the way, the cat's name is Dimsum.

Who in the world would name a cat Dimsum? Hahaha.

You guessed it right... it's no other than the perpetually mischievous me.

When I was a child (physically - I know I still act like one sometimes), nobody and absolutely nothing in this universe can make me eat any dimsum especially siopao (white bun with meat fillings). I was once told and have heard of stories about cats being butchered to make the delicious filling.

Apparently, there's a popular restaurant in Quezon City that sells the stuff. And hey, it comes in two kinds : Special or Regular. It was said that the feline's head, which is supposedly the most tasty part, will be chopped to crunchy little pieces, then mixed with ground pork and salted egg to produce the famous "Special" siopao. Then the rest of the body will be turned into “ground kitty”, mixed with pork, soy sauce and other ingredients and viola, you have the "Regular".

So there...Dimsum, the village cat, reminds me so much of "Special or Regular"!

Now you have to excuse me, I have to throw up...


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