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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Killer Instinct

I am a very passionate person...passionate in everything I do... and today I am passionately ANGRY!

A lot of times I feel dumb, like my head is just an empty shell - as in empty. Because how could an intelligent person such as myself (haha, sorry - correct me if Im wrong...but please, DONT) can allow all these nonsense, bitchy, motherf&%#!s to treat me like this???

I often say when I am really mad that if only I can kill this person (object of my fury) today and resurrect him tomorrow, I will have no second thoughts of slicing his throat with a bread knife.

Take note: A BREAD KNIFE.

Really wicked, am I? Sometimes I have a knack for atrocity... but damn, only in thoughts... I wish I could put my creative musings on brutality into action someday. Hmmm. Now I am having criminal tendencies.

But on the otherhand, why would I kill him if I want him alive tomorrow???

Arrggghhh!! I am too soft...way softer than I think. I am the type of person who never learns...
I never learn (and would never learn) that :

1. No amount of sincere kindness and even love can make a person stop from taking advantage of me
2. People are naturally good, but there a few who can turn out to be really really evil
3. Some people find happiness in making other people sad
4. The person who gossip to me will gossip of me
5. Some people are born lucky BUT some people are born CHEATERS!
6. I cannot stop friends from forgetting my birthday, forgetting my number, and forgetting ME

Can somebody pass me a box of tissues???


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