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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Murder Committed by Brad Pitt

It was July when Brad Pitt captured my heart. He was with seven or more companions, all equally stunning, but it was his brown hair and hazel eyes that caught my fancy. When I held out my hands and he eagerly took them, that did it. I fell in love with him without any effort, right that moment, within nanoseconds.

Then one beautiful afternoon in August, just a week before my birthday, he became officially mine.

Like all relationships, there are friends and relatives who object of us being together. They keep saying I will lose him in no time, that it's going to be difficult being with him, that I couldn't match his strength of character, that him and I are two worlds apart. Blah, blah, blah...

Of course I did not give him up. Although Brad has become a challenge to my budgeting wizardry, always demanding & endlessly eager to go out, he never fails to make me smile. But boy, he gets jealous. Extremely jealous of almost everything...including my girl-friends!

I have to admit that although he owns a temper of a chili pepper, lacks table manners and snores loudly at night, I love my Brad nonetheless. I have vested upon him my absolutely- non-negotiable trust. Last night, however, my tower of confidence in his kindness all came crashing down.

Brad murdered my friend, Mini.

I arrived home and found Mini lying dead on a vacant lot beside our house. Maria, our new maid was the sole witness to the crime. She was badly shaking as she (almost) tearfully narrated how Brad slowly lacerated Mini's throat. She said she tried to stop Brad but he wouldn't listen. He let go of Mini only when she's no longer moving.

Immediately, I searched for Brad to confront him. At the back of my head I kind'a expected and imagined him to be wary and guilty of what he did. Instead he welcomed me with a straight face, almost ready for a confrontation.

"How could you have done this?" I asked. Brad only stared at me. "You are so bad!" Nothing again. Just a blank stare, only now Brad looked guilty. "Didn't I tell you to be nice to my friends?"

Exhausted that I wasn't gettig any decent response, I just heaved a sigh. All I could muster last night was a sigh. I have a murderer in my house, and I cannot throw him out. Can't because despite what he did, he is still mine.

Brad needs me, and will most probably die without someone to look after him. So despite this morbid criminal act, Brad was forgiven and welcomed back into my loving arms.

Oh by the way, Brad Pitt is the name of my pitbull.

And Mini (short for Mini-Dimsum) is the little sister of the village cat, Dimsum.


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