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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Say Cheese!

We had our management team photoshoot last Friday at the Crowne Plaza. So I parked my colorful, cheerful suits for a day for an all-black number, went to the salon to have my hair and nails done (okay, okay, nails can't be seen in the shoot...but what the heck, I want a buff ok?) and applied more than my usual make-up.

The individual shots went smoothly, at least for some of us who are so used to 'shoots'... It was hilarious though, watching my colleagues try so darn hard to have a natural "toothpaste commercial' smile which they have to carry for at least 15 poses! We were like fashion models for a day!

The fun part was during the group shots - of course with the GM. During the last shot where all employees of the soon-to-open hotel was about to be taken, I almost fell off the stairs when he started giving instructions to the photographer and reshuffed all of us. I thought he wants to arrange us according to height, or department or color???

What all the others didn't know was in between the loud commands, GM whispered to the photog:

"Put all the ugly girls and boys at the back"
"Focus your shots on those wearing uniforms, all the others, they are just....people!"

Hahaha! Good thing I was placed in front... Duh! All I can say is...Cheese!


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