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Monday, June 27, 2005

Showering Shower Parties

A friend is getting married and Im being invited to attend the shower party for her.
I did have one for myself three weeks before I got hitched. It was a surprise shower cum stag party for both J and I as we share a common group of friends, having gone to the same university with the same degree (Almost. J finished electronics and communications eng'g). Anyway, it was a memorable one sans the strip teasers and kinky games, because towards the end of the night, the only sober people were J and I.

So I did not have an idea of a real shower party until I attended one two years ago. It was for a colleague who was getting married to another colleague. The organizers were close friends and co-departments of the bride-to-be. Of course where else would we hold the event but in the hotel where we all work. Better make use of the employee rate. Heehee...

I was invited to join, together with a dozen more ladies (married, separated, single, it didn't matter). So up we went to one of our One-Bedroom Suites, had some finger foods and a little booze. Little did I know that the organizers hired a strip teaser (male, of course!) to entertain not only the blushing bride-to-be, but her even more blushing (and screaming) friends.

Let's call the guy ST, acronym for Strip Teaser. ST looked handsomely shy as he peeped through the bedroom door to "assess" his audience. He looked around carefully and thoughtfully. I imagined him putting invisible post-its on top of each of our heads, marking who to lap dance with, whom to flirt excessively, whom to show his "little boy blue". Hahaha. I bet he thought when he saw me : "that innocent-looking girl in black suit must be single, shy and will shriek as hell when I let her touch my know..."

Innocent-looking = yes;
Single = No;
Shy = yes;
Will shriek as hell = It depends on the commodity!
Hahaha! (sorry, I couldn't stop laughing).

First Act :

ST was wearing a white tight shirt and super tight (like he tried to fit into a shorts three sizes smaller) denim shorts. He was of course bare-footed. I couldn't remember what the music was, or maybe the music drowned with all the screams and whoaaas and what have you! I looked around the room and made a quick survey. Ha! The single ladies were all grinning and at the edge of their seats, while the married ones (there were a handful of us) looked a bit shy but were smiling mischievously. Then, ST started getting near one lady at a time... he's dancing like a snake coming down from a coconut tree. Not at all fascinating. But boy, he's cute, and he smells good. Sweet and good. I remember wishing he won't go near me or dance in front of me... (else I will lose my chance later - I was told that he'll be wearing less and less as we progress). Hihihi.

Second Act :

Out came ST, clad in skimpy black bikini briefs, dancing to the tune of Paint My Love by Michael Learns to Rock. Just recalling this makes me laugh like crazy that I already have forgotten whom he danced to and how. But I vividly recall his undies' waistband has the trademark BENCH embroidered in bold white letters. Such admirable brand loyalty! I like that...

Third and Final Act :

This was my favorite part of the event. The third and final act. The part where ST was supposed to be wearing absolutely nothing but his perfume. Okay, so there we were eagerly waiting (and wailing) for ST. What's taking him long??? One colleague explained that he needs to 'prepare' himself...whatever that means, you guess. Finally, ST emerged to his awaiting audience, who by the way showed both enthusiasm and disappointment. Disappointed because he was covered with a white towel, enthusiastic because we knew the towel eventually has to so...somehow...hmm. More dramatic eh!

So he danced, playfully and gracefully, sometimes touching himself here and there, something that made me grimaced a little. I suddenly felt a surge of sadness for him.. how could one muster the courage to do this in front of so many people? All for money? What about his self-worth, self-esteem, dignity... I was in the middle of my thoughtful and righteous realization when I found ST suddenly on top of a chair in front of me and engulfed me inside his white towel and...whoaaa...I freaked out! Freaked out in a nice way, actually. Hahahaha. Hypocrite! (Did I hear you shout at me?)

So the night ended with us guests, happier and more amused than the celebrant. I remember the only "kinky" thing she did was to eat the p***s-shaped cake we bought her.

Now, will i attend this bridal shower I was being invited to? Hmmm... I'll give it a thought.

What's your guess???


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