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Friday, November 25, 2005

I am trapped inside a prison cell without walls...

I am starting to describe this hotel-resort a beautiful prison…

It can be fun and wonderful to stay here for a few days, maybe a week at the most. But more than that… I feel constricted. As if everyday, a part of my body is being taken away from me. Like a candle with a small wick, I seem to melt slowly yet with utmost certainty.

Despite the feeling, I try to make the most of everything by making a lot of interaction with the locals, particularly the hotel staff. First, they look very similar to Filipinos –making my homesickness a bit less. Secondly, they are wonderful people – hospitable, polite, and intelligent. They may not speak fluent English, but you can feel the sincerity in what they want to convey. What they lack in communication, they make up with admirable attitude.

We had dinner at Wildfire Restaurant fronting the hotel entrance along the beach. I had not only the best meal in the last 9 days, but also the funniest conversation with the staff. I learned that almost everyone in the hotel thought at first that I was Thai. This made me smile. A smile that not only stretched my facial muscles but also swelled my heart a bit. Yes, why not? I can be Thai, maybe I would love to be Thai.

Unlike in Manila, where most of the staff give extra attention only to “obvious foreigners”, these people welcomed me in the hotel like a queen….the same way they welcomed Tom, Dick and Harry.


yayam said...

wow. it must be very nice there. :D and you were right about the hotels. they always give their full attention to foreigners..:p

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