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Sunday, November 20, 2005

This paradise looks like a barren field...

Now I know how it is to be in a place many would dub as paradise without anyone dear to hold. There is nothing worst than feeling empty while everyone scrambles for enriching stories they can share sevenfold over.

As glorious sunsets draw shadows on my face, I yearn for you to plant little kisses on my forehead. Indeed there is no place more beautiful and placid than the one where the most important person in your life can sit with you so quietly you can hear leaves hitting the fertile soil as they fall.

I would rather be in a middle of a chaotic wet market than stay amidst this haven without you…



Sister, ang drama mo! ma-emote ang blog mo! hehehe.

Sabi ng nanay mo, puro mata nalang sa laki ng sunglasses mo!!!

link kita sa blog ko ( tpos lagyan mo ng tagboard yan blog mo. para may laman.

pasalubong ko!!!

LilAy said...

Winner ka talaga!!! Miss you!

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