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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kamusta Naman Yan?

On the news today were loyal fans honoring the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. Showing on TV was Presley's home in Memphis where people have lined up to pay respect to the King of Rock and Roll.

We were watching silently; Eone is on my lap rummaging through my bag while I was munching on a bar of Hershey's.

Then The Nanny said, almost in disbelief, her eyes glued to the TV, "Ha! Patay na si Elvis?" ("What? Elvis is dead?")

Juice ketch!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of course I have a birthday!

It’s 4 days before my birthday (shiver, shiver, shiver). I am getting a year older again. I will now officially categorize myself as ‘matured’ - (take note, not old) which seems like long overdue na. Haha. MATURED. I love this word…it keeps me from hyperventilating while thinking of middle age crisis (okay, I am exaggerating).

With maturity comes wisdom (to choose to lose weight by exercise or just diet pills) and expectations (from people around me). Seriously, I pray for more wisdom and divine guidance in caring for my family, handling my career, loving myself and helping others.

I plan to do more charity this year, with the many blessings that are coming my way, it is only proper to share them. Hay, if I have the moolah, I will not hesitate sending poor kids to school and helping sick people get well and healthy again. For now all I can do is to extend help as far as my resources will take me, which is like hmmm, Quiapo to Welcome Rotonda. Hahaha.

By the way, I already got an advance birthday present and it’s really super nice. It’s a portable DVD player from Carol before she headed back to the States. Wagi ito ever! I just hope it wont affect my already bad driving.

Speaking of presents, I am thinking of what to give myself for my birthday. But before that, what do I want love ones and friends to give me for my birthday? Ahem, ahem. I am coming up with a list so Jing, who is so ever faithful to his routine of not giving me a birthday present, can’t have the classic excuse of not knowing what I want.

My material wish list (mostly Kikay anik-anik):

1. Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Foundation SPF15 (Light shade pls)

2. Those super pointed red shoes from Janelyn (size 7.5 pls)

3. Big red bag - yung shining, shimmering, splendid.

4. Multi-layered makeup box / kit / organizer (okay, okay, kahit hindi Louis Vuitton…hehehe)

5. Body Shop Olive Dry Oil mist

6. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehl’s

7. Dr. Hunter’s Foot Comfort Crème from Caswell Massey

Redjeulle said I should have a ‘World Peace’ wish list… something significant, not about material things or money. So sige na nga tutal I have some special wishes din but they are not for myself.

World Peace wish list:

1. Full recovery of my dad from his battle with the Big C

2. Good health, more teeth, more words, more laughter, more hugs and kisses from my little Eone

3. Lifetime free supply of Glutathione for Jing (hahaha, this one is a joke…charing!)

O ayan, I have a list already. Feel free to deviate, anything ‘kikay’ will do as long as the intention is good. Besides, I don’t wanna be an ingrate. Just please don’t give me another keychain! As a notorious materyosang fashionista aptly put it, "I like kamote (sweet potato) but don’t give me that for Christmas. I like many other things"

Happy Birthday to me, the kikay-est of all kikays.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Kikay, the C-Minus Philippine Traveller :-(

My Lakbayan grade is C-!
How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Monday, May 07, 2007

We're Not Here, Don't Leave a Message

Our company will be launching our Support Plus Service very soon which will enable clients to call for support even after office hours. All remote offices have been issued a digital phone, and numbers have been distributed to major clients.

Now, I am being requested by my boss to compose the standard message when calls are diverted to the voicemail box.

So here's what I think would be best:

"You have reached (our company's name) Support Plus Service. We are sorry we cannot take your call at the moment. Our office hours are from 9am until 5pm Mondays thru Fridays. Be considerate not to call us after these hours and also on holidays. If you have any urgent concerns, please call (the boss' mobile number). If unanswered , please call this number (another boss' home number), but remember not to leave a message to Tommy (the toddler son). If these instructions are too complicated, you may just leave a message after the tone and we'll return your call as soon as we remember to retrieve your voice message. Thank you."


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blow, Kikay, Blow!

Yesterday, Little Eone’s boredom was beyond relief and swimming at the clubhouse pool was out the question unless I want her to get sunburned. So I decided to finally use the colorful inflatable playpen which was a gift to her by Ninongs Edwin & Jaja and Ninang Portia. My initial creative idea was to put water into it and convert it to a mini pool (although explicitly warned against it by the manufacturer, heehee).

But there was one problem. We didn’t have any air pump, and attempts to borrow from neighbors yielded no result.

So I, yes, you read it right. I blew air into this giant salbabida. Powtah. Namaga ang nguso ko dito! Kakaloka!

Kaya ayun, while my daughter was waiting and tugging Yaya’s hair, magblow ang drama ng lola nyo kahapon. As in.

Blow, Kikay, blow!
Never, even in my imagination, did it occur to me that I will be one day inflating using only sheer lung power this Ball Toyz playpen. The maids were laughing at first, thinking perhaps that I will give up after five minutes. But after seeing how determined I was they were probably afraid I’d ask them to join me. Later on, they volunteered to help inflate the little accessories like the violet bars and the removable rings. But the playpen itself was the product of my asthmatic lungs.

I am really a mom now, even the tiniest vein in me is a mom now. I have been converted into someone who will cross rivers and mountains for the sake of a little girl with very thin hair and dances to Boom Tarat Tarat. I realized that I will do anything, (up to what extent, I do not know) just to make her happy. (Tapos magba-bratinela lang sya balang araw ano? Shet, baka makurot ko singit nya!)

The effort was all worth it. Eone loves it! Ang saya saya ng bruha!

Jeez, we have to buy an air pump tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2007

31 Acting 13

There are times when it just hits you. The world around you becomes smaller, the air you breathe becomes thinner. I have been feeling this quite often lately.

I just hate waking up feeling sick in the morning because I know I have to work. Let me clarify myself, it’s not that I dont want to work, but it is what I do at work and where I work that makes my insides rumble.

So today I was more bitchy than my usual level since February. It didn't help that it’s so damn hot in the ‘Office’ (we’re still setting up, so there’s no airconditioning yet. Heck, there’s not even a decent office chair!). It’s 36C outside and an hour seemed like one full day. It was very humid that my hair has started to get damp from sweat. I was thinking, what could be worse: heatstroke or nosebleed…it could be both!

Despite that, I was feeling okay and actually thought I would manage to get past through the day without letting the heat get into my head. It’s Lent, I ate pork last Friday and I needed to make some sacrifice. Then halfway through the day, the ‘devil’ came disguised as an email.

I do not want to go into the details. But after 4 pcs of dimsum, iced gulaman and an email from my boss, embarrassment slapped me. It was light, unpainful but hard enough to jolt back the cherub in me.

So let me say these much deserved apologies:

I apologize to the Lemon Square Mocha Caramel Cupcake for being thrown against the wall.

I apologize to my Angelina, my girly (woman-only series) Samsung cellphone. She is still in one piece after some super hard blows against the mini office table.

I apologize to Benq, my 20 kilogram laptop (okay, Im exaggerating, he is only 10 kilos). I am surprised your keyboard still works.

I apologize to the recipients (except to the ONE who doesn’t know he is stupid) of my equally disgusting email response.

Please forgive the silly me. Every girl has moments like this. It’s not the time of the month, I swear. It just happens as it happens, but I don't want to make any further excuses.

Today I was 31 acting 13.
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