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Monday, March 26, 2007

31 Acting 13

There are times when it just hits you. The world around you becomes smaller, the air you breathe becomes thinner. I have been feeling this quite often lately.

I just hate waking up feeling sick in the morning because I know I have to work. Let me clarify myself, it’s not that I dont want to work, but it is what I do at work and where I work that makes my insides rumble.

So today I was more bitchy than my usual level since February. It didn't help that it’s so damn hot in the ‘Office’ (we’re still setting up, so there’s no airconditioning yet. Heck, there’s not even a decent office chair!). It’s 36C outside and an hour seemed like one full day. It was very humid that my hair has started to get damp from sweat. I was thinking, what could be worse: heatstroke or nosebleed…it could be both!

Despite that, I was feeling okay and actually thought I would manage to get past through the day without letting the heat get into my head. It’s Lent, I ate pork last Friday and I needed to make some sacrifice. Then halfway through the day, the ‘devil’ came disguised as an email.

I do not want to go into the details. But after 4 pcs of dimsum, iced gulaman and an email from my boss, embarrassment slapped me. It was light, unpainful but hard enough to jolt back the cherub in me.

So let me say these much deserved apologies:

I apologize to the Lemon Square Mocha Caramel Cupcake for being thrown against the wall.

I apologize to my Angelina, my girly (woman-only series) Samsung cellphone. She is still in one piece after some super hard blows against the mini office table.

I apologize to Benq, my 20 kilogram laptop (okay, Im exaggerating, he is only 10 kilos). I am surprised your keyboard still works.

I apologize to the recipients (except to the ONE who doesn’t know he is stupid) of my equally disgusting email response.

Please forgive the silly me. Every girl has moments like this. It’s not the time of the month, I swear. It just happens as it happens, but I don't want to make any further excuses.

Today I was 31 acting 13.


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