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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blow, Kikay, Blow!

Yesterday, Little Eone’s boredom was beyond relief and swimming at the clubhouse pool was out the question unless I want her to get sunburned. So I decided to finally use the colorful inflatable playpen which was a gift to her by Ninongs Edwin & Jaja and Ninang Portia. My initial creative idea was to put water into it and convert it to a mini pool (although explicitly warned against it by the manufacturer, heehee).

But there was one problem. We didn’t have any air pump, and attempts to borrow from neighbors yielded no result.

So I, yes, you read it right. I blew air into this giant salbabida. Powtah. Namaga ang nguso ko dito! Kakaloka!

Kaya ayun, while my daughter was waiting and tugging Yaya’s hair, magblow ang drama ng lola nyo kahapon. As in.

Blow, Kikay, blow!
Never, even in my imagination, did it occur to me that I will be one day inflating using only sheer lung power this Ball Toyz playpen. The maids were laughing at first, thinking perhaps that I will give up after five minutes. But after seeing how determined I was they were probably afraid I’d ask them to join me. Later on, they volunteered to help inflate the little accessories like the violet bars and the removable rings. But the playpen itself was the product of my asthmatic lungs.

I am really a mom now, even the tiniest vein in me is a mom now. I have been converted into someone who will cross rivers and mountains for the sake of a little girl with very thin hair and dances to Boom Tarat Tarat. I realized that I will do anything, (up to what extent, I do not know) just to make her happy. (Tapos magba-bratinela lang sya balang araw ano? Shet, baka makurot ko singit nya!)

The effort was all worth it. Eone loves it! Ang saya saya ng bruha!

Jeez, we have to buy an air pump tomorrow.


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