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Saturday, June 04, 2005

California Maki

Just came from a training, teambuilding, and relaxation rolled into one california maki. What have I learned ?

- A movie can be interpreted in a thousand different versions
- It's interesting to watch people watch a love scene (..hehehe..evil, evil grin!)
- Richard Gere was a hunk in his twenties...with abs, butt and all. :-)
- it's fun to WATCH my colleagues get drunk while I sip coffee at 3PM
- "My Way" can be sung in four different tunes and beat
- Girlie bar and a meat shop are one and the same for a French Chef..


- Always begin with an end in mind.
- When you complain to a friend and he tells you you are right...cover your ears!
- When a friend or colleague comes to you with a problem, run away! (and run fast...LOL)
- What will happen if you don't help the poor? They will attack you!
- You are 110 percent correct!


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