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Friday, June 06, 2008

Confessions of a Makeup Junkie

Back in college in the student-with-adam's apple-dominated faculty of engineering, while most female students are fixated with their T-squares, I was putting lipstick, coloring my hair burgundy and strolling in high heels.

I confess, I am an addict.

I'm addicted to makeups, perfumes and other girl stuff. I fantasize about lip shimmers, bronzers and moisturizers. Lotions, creams, bath it, I most likely got one in some of my transparent plastic boxes securely locked inside my closet. Yes, I do lock my facial foam while I leave my jewelry and money on my work desk.

What I have are mostly gifts and pasalubong from balikbayan friends and relatives. Some were given as birthday and Christmas presents. Every occasion, it's the most common 'surprise' that pops up when I unwrap gifts and open boxes. Of course there were a 'few' that I bought from one of my trips abroad (and from Megamall).

Sometimes when I look at my stash, I feel a tinge of guilt knowing that if converted to precious Pesos, all my abubot could easily feed 10 families for a month. I know a lot of women who spend way way too much on clothes and make-ups. It was written a few years ago that Gretchen Barreto's make-up alone costs more than Php 1M. So compared to other women, my makeup spending is just coins in their piggy bank. (Well, artista naman sila, artista ba ako?)

On the contrary, I am not the typical addict who refuses to part ways with any of their 'stuff'. I do give some away; at the spur of the moment when a sister, a cousin, an aunt or a friend sweetly asks... she will more likely get one of my beloved stuff. I do believe that everything on earth is temporary, and since I cannot bring these cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, moisturizers, creams and whatnots with me in the afterlife, I would rather that they are enjoyed by myself and my love ones before the products or us (knock on wood) expire. Like recently when I got this gift from a good friend who visited from Guam, I only got to keep one Burt's Bees lip shimmer - the rest went to my 2 sisters and Ate Maris, my youngest aunt.

It's hard to explain and make one understand why women need all these beauty products. When I say it's not for vanity's sake, no intelligent human being will believe me. Simply put, there are things that only daughters of Eve will ever understand.

That we can never be content with just one set of makeup
That there's got to be three, or two layers of eyeshadow at the very least
That lipstick looks better if topped with a lipgloss
That foundation is sometimes a cake, a gel, a stick or liquid
That dusting powder is for the face and not for the floor
That hair color needs to be retouched every 3 weeks
That shoes and bags should match
That expensive skin care products are called investments (yeah, like mutual funds!)

Oh how I love these excesses and I am soooo wanting to acquire more, but I am not gonna pawn my watch just to get a fresh tube of lip gloss. (Little Sister said only because I love watches too!).

So now you know why I am called Kikay.


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