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Monday, July 14, 2008

Fish Be With You

When Jason announced to me that he will be joining the Pinoy Anglers' Fishing Competition in Lakeshore, I exclaimed "There is actually a competition for fishing???"

Yep. There is. Why not? It's a sport! Huh?

So on July 12, we were up at 5am and trooped to Mexico, Pampanga to cheer (is it the right term? we're supposed to be quiet so we dont scare the fishes away) for Jason and his friends. I figured if Eone and myself were there, he'd be more inspired to catch those fishy.

Well, I was wrong.

Jason and 3 of his colleagues were all newbies in the competition arena (except for Alex, kinorek ako ni JPN), so it's not that disappointing that none of them won...hindi nga sila nakahuli e. As the famous cliche' goes "Charge it to experience nalang". Yeah, and the charge is quite steep for Php400 joining fee, gasoline and toll fee. Mwehehe.

On the better side, Lakeshore is a good venue to do practice photography, so I took lots of shots (and deleted those that I didn't like). I was pretty amazed as to how good my Sony Cybershot is, I realized perhaps I don't need to get a DSLR. Sabi nga ni Ruby, "wala sa cam yan, nasa photographer yan". Oo nga.

It was also the first time Eone went on a picnic with Jason's officemates, and I was happy she went along with them pretty well. She even attempted to go fishing with Tito Ton, played with Liam and entertained them with her dance numbers. Showbiz! Pwede na!

After this experience, I'm glad they have decided to just stick to Coloong whenever they feel the itch to fish. It's a fish pond so the chances of not catching anything is next to zero. There are also fresh fishes caught from the usual lambat up for grabs at only Php65 a kilo.

No pawis pa.


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