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Sunday, July 06, 2008

HBD Little Girl

Two years ago, God sent me a gift.

A song to break the redundant tune of wakeup-work-sleep in my everyday life.
A reason to be happy when everything seems gloomy.
A precious bundle to love without conditions.
A gem to care for beyond reasons.

This is the most perfect, my most wanted gift.

I named this gift Marygwen Hermione.

She taught me that it is possible to sing even when I would rather snore, to scoop milk (and shoot into that bottle) with half of both my eyes closed, to put nappies onto a squirming bum-bum, and to blow air into a giant inflatable playpen.

She is both my laughter and my tears because I often end up crying while laughing when I look, embrace, or even just think of her.

How time flies, Darling Eone. It's been two years since you landed in my arms. You are meant to be mine, my little girl. I love you with all my all.

Happy Birthday!



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