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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going Bananas

I am going to tell you a nice story.

I heard this on an AM show while driving on my way to work. I think it was Aiza Seg...err, I mean Arnold 'Igan' Clavio's show. Of course Im going to narrate it in my own kikay way...

One day, two bananas are having meryenda and were bragging about how sweet they are.
Latundan said, "Despite my size, I am very sweet".

Hindi naman nagpatalo si Lacatan, so he said "I am bigger and even sweeter!".

Narinig ni Saba ang conversation. He felt insecured and sorry for himself. Nag-emote ito. He walked away slowly and did not join the 2 other bananas.

On his way home, nasalubong nya si Brown Sugar who immediately noticed Saba's sadness.
Concerned about Saba, Brown Sugar inquired "Why are you sporting a sad face? What's bothering you?"

"I feel bad. I am fat, short and not sweet", sabi ni Saba.

Brown Sugar melted and told Saba "It does not matter if you are sweet or not, the important thing is how you make others feel special".

Tapos Brown Sugar and Saba hugged each other habang tumutugtog ang kantang Total Eclipse of the Heart.

At eto ang madramang alamat ng Banana Cue.


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