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Friday, February 27, 2009

50 Things Deleted From My Fact Sheet

I was tagged many times in 25 Random's mine; only difference is that I have twice as much.

1. I was the first grandchild on my mother's side. I grew up pampered, nurtured and spoiled by everyone. (Thus, I normally get what I want...then I became an adult and reality hit me big time.)
2. I can't sleep in the dark or without at least a lamp turned on.
3. Before I reached 1.5 yrs old I have already endured 3 dog bites, all from the same dog. He was sent to someone's tummy.
4. My adolescent years were spent in Jeddah where I had my first exposure to shopping. There's no other hobby.
5. I am a makeup and beauty products junkie. Vanity is my favorite sin.
6. I've had asthma since I was 2 yrs old.
7. Because of #6, I relented to several 'non-conventional' treatments, went to quack doctors, and ate grilled lizard (straight from the ceiling, down to the fire and viola, dinner!) and turtle soup.
8. If snoring is a sport, I'd take home the Gold.
9. I was very active in extra-curricular activities in school. I was involved in the Student Council, associate editor of the College paper, head of the Dance Troupe and head of the Cultural Committee.
10. When I was a kid, I was such a spoiled brat that my cousins were not allowed to play with me.
11.When I say "I love you", I really mean it.
12. It takes years (sometimes decades) for me to forgive. I bear grudges.
13. New Kids On The Block was the love of my life when I was 14. I collected anything with their pictures on, and watched their concert in Manila. I used to sign Knight as my surname.
14. I have a birthmark where no one can see it. hahaha (don't imagine where! LOL!)
15. Kikay is the description that best suits me.
16. Over the years, I've realized that my circle of friends get smaller and smaller but the quality gets higher and higher.
17. I’m scared of flying.
18. My mom and dad used to pay for all my credit cards.
19. When I was five, I was walking with my gradma's sister (who then was 70) going to a health care center. She fell in a manhole. I laughed instead of helping her out (what must I be thinking back then?).
20. I had a fight with a 33 year old woman. I pulled her hair and slapped her. I was 11.
21. I married my college boyfriend.
22. I read all the Harry Potter books and named my daughter after one of the characters.
23. I was Ms. Brazil in a Miss United Nations pageant.
24. Language is one of my fascinations. I can speak Bicolano and can understand Ilocano, Visaya and Kapampangan (a bit). I can read, understand and would like to be fluent in Spanish. I'm also good in swardspeak.
25. I can play the piano. My mom said I don't play with feelings. (Gusto ata ni Mommy e yung emote na emote. LOL)
26. On one trip to Phuket, we went to a Sing Along restaurant where the owner thought I was a professional singer in Manila (I think he’s got an ear problem). He requested so many songs that I felt like a jukebox.
27. Driving is my waterloo. I was once told that if I drive in Australia, I will get 'the finger'.
28. I pushed someone off an escalator.
29. Ask me to do any household chores except laundry and ironing...(also dishwashing, cleaning, making my own bed...hahaha!)
30. A driver used to take me (and my sisters) to school so I didn’t get a chance to cut class to go to the mall.
31. My first job was as an Industrial Engineer for a garments manufacturing company. I quit before the workers could do witchcraft on me everytime I raise their quota level.
32. I had a boyfriend with the same surname as mine. We didn't know that we're related until many years after we broke up.
33. When I was 8, my classmate gave me flowers and chocolates for Valentines. I threw a rock at him which made him bleed on the forehead.
34. In first grade, my teacher threw my bag outside the classroom because I was too talkative in class. I stood up and threw out her bag as well.
35. I used to be very conservative. (Take note, past tense. Hahaha!)
36. I gave my little sister's eyelashes some good trimming when we were still kids.
37. Making me cry is as easy as making me laugh.
38. When I was 12, I joined the town fiesta dance contest with 2 girls whose names I couldn't even remember.
39. I can cook well but I hate the preparation part. Someone has to do all the peeling, cutting and mincing.
40. I can live without TV, but not without internet.
41. I used to think that kissing can get girls pregnant (now I know we need to be more 'creative' than that, hahaha!)
42. You can bribe me with chocolates.
43. I had a suitor who was a leader of a fraternity. He would ask his neophytes during initiation rites to bring me flowers and love letters. I enjoyed it tremendously (ang haba ng hair ng lola nyo - abot hanggang Dumaguete!) but didn't like the guy so I turned him down.
44. I passed out while riding the Anchor's Away in Enchanted Kingdom.
45. I am allergic to seafoods. I'm trying to overcome it by eating every so often when my condition is good (not stressed, with enough rest, and no colds).
46. Switzerland is my dream vacation country.
47. I belong to a clan (mom's side) of eaters and singers. Reunions (which is quite often) revolve around food and videoke.
48. Worms and maggots scare the shit out of me. There should always be at least 10 feet of space between me and them.
49. I am a very transparent person. I'm not good at hiding my feelings.
50. I am proud to be a Filipino. I love my roots, my race, and my culture. Sure, there are things that are undesirable about the Philippines, but I love it nevertheless. I will not give up my nationality unless my family's life is at stake.


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