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Friday, May 08, 2009

It's a mistake to always have the Yaya in tow...

It was Eone's scheduled checkup with her pedia and we had to wait for hours because when we arrived at 11AM there were about 20 more on queue ahead of us. As usual, it would be a pretty long and boring wait.

But not too boring this time.

There was this boy who seemed to be lost and looking for his mom. He was crying out, frantically searching for his parents around the corridors. My Yaya attempted to talk to little boy but hesitated, perhaps unsure of what to tell him. Then Yaya came to me, shaking her head while murmuring her disbelief as how could a parent lose a child in a hospital where there's not too much people.

After a few more wailing (which started to break a few onlookers heart), a lady approached the boy and asked him where his parents were. Minutes later, the boy came out with his mother holding him by the hand. It turned out the parents were inside the clinic with the boy's younger sibling.

So that was the end of the story? Not yet.

Suddenly, I overheard my Yaya talking to the boy's mother saying (in her very disticnt Batangena accent) 'Kayo po pala ang Ina nyan? Eh kanina pa hanap ng hanap eh. Utas na nga sa pag iyak. Sabi nya "Mommy, Daddy, how are you?"'

I didn't know what to do first. Drag her away or pretend I didn't know her.


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