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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Welcome Letter

My job enables me to spend lovely mornings in beautiful and exciting places. But hey, when I say exciting it doesn't always mean fun.

Take for example one trip I had in Sri Lanka, where everybody knows there is an ongoing civil war between the government and the Tamils.

Sure, they said that tourists and foreigners were not targets. Yes, the country is amazingly aged and old fashioned, but nevertheless beautiful. And thank you, I flew there on business class (as consuelo de bobo). But if you get a welcome letter like this, would you be able to settle snuggly in bed at night?

I wasn't allowed to take any pictures (but of course I manage to steal some shots, hihihi) and forbidden to step outside the hotel. On one occassion when I tried walking towards the beach, military men patrolling the streets stared at me as if I have a big sign on my head saying, "I have no underwear!".

Jeez, I need a hazard pay!


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