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Friday, October 09, 2009

Heaven Rocks

Dear Daddy,

I was telling mom that to be able to bear the pain of your passing, we should just pretend that you are just back in Jeddah working.

And since you are just back in Jeddah, I will make it very realistic by writing you letters every so often. Then maybe I won’t miss you too much.

So, how are you? Do you love the white outfit that looks like a uniform? I know how you hate wearing uniforms. I remember when you were still working in SSS, you were given your annual set of Barong and Pants (with the SSS logo) but not even once did you wear them.

Are you acting stubborn too during meals up there? Don't! I bet they all serve you corned beef and hungarian sausage and they often ran out of broccoli that you disgust so much.

Do you still shake your head in disbelief or in disagreement when someone says something totally absurd? Do you play chess and beat the crap out of all the grandmasters also residing among the clouds?

I hope you are having a grand time there. Oh well, you can tell me about it...but please not personally. You can send me a letter in my sleep if you like.

I dream of you very often and I know it's your way of letting me know that heaven rocks!

'Til my next letter...



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