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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daddy, a new hunk is coming...

Dear Daddy,

I know you can see me from where you are and for sure you know that I am on my way to becoming a mom (yet again) in a few weeks...

So perhaps I dont even need to tell you that I look like a penguin now, and sometimes I feel like one too. I now can't see my feet when I look down and I walk in a weird fashion - with back bent a little backwards to support my belly.

I feel fine and good overall. I welcome this miracle and I am sure you are smiling down at me too (if not laughing at how I look now).

When I reflect before going to bed (that's when I normally think of you), I get amazed at how strange God works. You went but a new member of the family is coming soon. The baby won't exactly be a replacement - no. No one can ever replace the void you left. But I am sure God is giving me and (Mom too), an additional someone (aside from Eone and Jeje) to love as much as we love you.

You are such a doting grandfather - and I am sure even from up above you still can spoil your grandkids in your own special way.

Oh by the way, your new grandchild is a boy - we haven't thought of a name and I am so sorry I cannot grant mom's wish and name him Rudy, Dyruds or Aga or any of your 'screen names'. I know you will agree with me a modern name is more apt, plus, I dont wanna hear you say "wala ka namang originality anak!".

Love and kisses,

Your Kikay


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