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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hell Raisin!

The Hubby hates anything that is attached to a needle; thus, he particularly abhor the blood extraction part of the annual medical exams routine. Anyway, this time he seemed ready to go through it, if not for a small problem - and literally it is small. Black and small, in fact.

First we were musing about our age and the examination procedures that are mandatory:

hubby: syet
hubby: required na ako mag ecg
me: 35 ka na
hubby: tapos pa extract ng dugo
me: bebe grabe ano. 35 na tyo

Then he suddenly complained about not being able to have his blood extracted...

hubby: kaso tangnang pasas yan
me: baket
hubby: kundi ako kumain kanina dapat nakapagpakuha na ako
me: pasas
hubby: raisins
me: raisins?
hubby: binigyan ako ni portia
me: hahhahahaha
hubby: tsaka kumuha pa ako kay tonton

Then started cursing the poor raisin...

hubby: tangnang yan
me: so considered meal na?
me: hahahahahahah
hubby: magaantay na naman ako 6hrs
me: serious?
hubby: oo
hubby: sabi nga pwede mamaya bandang 6
hubby: kaso di ako mag lunch
hubby: kako di ko na kya
hubby: almost 24 hrs ako wala kinain
hubby: bukas na lang ng umaga kako
me: hahahha
me: dahil lang sa pasas?
me: ilang libong pasas ba kinain mo???

Hahaha! I've been reading our chat thread over and over and Im still laughing!


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