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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tale of My Missing Shoe

The Hubby and I normally drive separate cars to work when one of us has to attend to an office get-together, or needs to go to the gym. With two kids waiting at home, we both agreed it's good that least one of us come home early.

Yesterday, The Hubby told me they have this inaugural dinner (they've just moved in to a brand new building / office) and will be coming off from work later than usual. Problem was Wednesday is one of those days when we couldn't drive both cars due to the number coding traffic scheme (Lara's plate ends with 6). Therefore, I was left with no choice but to wait for him to finish so we can go home together. (No, telling The Hubby to take a cab home is not an option).

After I finished work, I decided I'll drive to Rockwell Ortigas and just wait at a coffee shop at their building lobby. At least I can surf the net and have coffee to kill time. I was even happy with the idea of being just with my lonesome in a coffee shop.

I got to RCB quite effortlessly; traffic was moderate and there were a few enforcers watching over the Meralco u-turn slot. I was really feeling lucky because as soon as I entered the vicinity, I found an empty parking slot near the coffee shop.

I turned off the engine and prepared to alight by putting on my shoes. You see, I drive with my barefoot. I will never be able to drive with shoes on so even if I look silly, I remove my shoes when I drive.

Blindly, I looked for my shoes by feeling them with my feet. There's the one for my right and I slipped my foot into it. Then I tried feeling for my left shoe. The floor was empty. I tried again. Nothing. Panicking lightly, I turned the lights on and started looking for the other pair. I looked under the driver's seat, passenger seat, back seat - hell, I even looked at the compartment!

I couldn't find my left shoe!

I started tracing back the events from the moment I went in the car (at the parking lot) 'til I reached RCB and could not recall a time when it would have been possible my left shoe had been thrown out of the car. The only answer was I wasn’t wearing it when I left the office parking.

Disappointed and gloomy, I just sat there in the car while looking at the coffee shop from the car window. I was contemplating on getting into Coffee Bean without any shoes but argued myself out of it. It will be embarrassing. Also, it'll be too funny!

So there I was stuck inside the car, amidst the smell of brewed coffee, wireless internet and soft comfortable chairs. I felt like a prisoner in a jail that has no locks and no guards.

I want my left shoe!

Note: I parked again today at the same spot where I did yesterday. As discretely as possible, I looked around for my left shoe. Lo and behold, I found it in a plantbox; it's a little wet and dirty but it seems to be lovingly waiting for me.


anne said...

waaahh.. well at least you found the other pair ^_^

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