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Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Top Things Unique in This Sydney Trip

Each time I was in Sydney was a unique experience. The last time I was there, I tagged Jason along which was really fun because it's been quite a while since we last traveled together - just the 2 of us.

Anyway, this trip was again another story and here it goes...

1. I flew via PAL, my first time to try our flag carrier going to Australia. I had expected to sit in an old plane for 8 hours, but lo and behold, I was mid-air overnight in an almost brand new Boeing 777-300 ER.

I just love the extra leg room and individual entertainment system (8 hours watching Avatar and Inception and I still were not able to understand the movie!) Hahaha!

2. Two new colleagues traveled with me. No need to get bored, worry about excess baggage (they can absorb mine, LOL!), and take a cab alone from Kingsford Smith Airport to Willoughby. Cool!

3. It was WINTER! I just love to escape from the heat and humidity of Manila and be in a cold place for a couple of weeks. Plus, I get to wear boots, scarves, cardigans and blazers without looking silly.

4. I did not stay in a hotel but in the company staff house, next to my boss' house. . While I love the luxury and pampering of hotel service, being in a home-like accommodation lessens the feeling of homesickness. Plus, I didn’t have to limit myself in small room that seems like a match box. Hotel 81 rocks!

5. Vivid Sydney was ongoing during my stay. They were doing lights display projection to the Opera House and the results were just amazing! I must confess how I don’t really like the Opera House before I experienced Vivid Sydney, but now I just couldn’t help but admit that I have fallen in love with it.

6. Acting as tour guide and feeling good doing it. Haha! I can't believe we didn’t get lost walking all over town, and I must say I was impressed I still remember my way around.

7. Seeing Tina I would say was one of the highlights of my trip. She and I were friends from college although we were from different majors (in Engineering). We knew each other from various activities in the Student Council. She headed One Voice, I headed the Dance Troupe. In short, she sings while I dance :-)

Anyway, last time I saw Tins was when we graduated. That was 13 years ago! It was really HAPPINESS to see her.

8. Cam-whoring was possible and fun with 2 other girls. It was one of the few times that I traveled with companions (and female!) thus, I felt like a runaway teenager ready to shoot some action! LOL!

9. Attended mass at the St. Mary's Cathedral for the very first time. It was an unforgettable experience. I never thought that celebration of the holy mass in a country where there is very little catholic population would be so solemn and traditional.

Photograph-taking is not allowed inside the church (with or without mass ongoing) so I was not able to capture the beauty and splendor of the cathedral's design.

I've to mention too how impressed I was when after the mass everyone stayed still in their respective seats and waited for the last hymn to finish before heading out. The priest waited outside the entrance to greet and bless church-goers.

10. Shopping online, offline, daytime and night time. The fun just never ends when it comes to shopping!

I got the all the lotions I have been lusting for, enough to keep my skin moisturized for 2 years. It was also sheer happiness when my box of baby products arrived at the office (all for my little boy) and when I got my girl her very own Baby Alive doll.

I wonder when will be my next visit to this country and how unique will it be... I'm quite looking forward to hearing again "Good day 'mate!"


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