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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Dad, I like your grand scheme...

Dear Daddy,

I have been trying to avoid writing to you and about you. It's been very difficult lately to even think about you. I miss you terribly, that's why.

I came to visit you in June, before I left for Sydney. I guess I'll always have that practice of seeing you and mom before going overseas. Anyway, I am not sure if you saw me because I stood there only for about a minute. I am sure it wasn't more than that. Seeing your picture on that glass door that separates you from me was too much to bear. I saw again your smile - that smile that seems you are about to break into a fit of laughter. I miss that, Daddy. I couldn’t stand it so I left, in a hurry and in tears.

My little boy looks so much like you. Being your daughter who inherited your sense of humor, I named him Enoe. Yes, the reverse of Eone's name. The heck if people need to read carefully when I put their names together in one sentence; that's their name and I love it. Don't you?

By the way, our Rodgie is getting hitched on Saturday and she asked Jing to walk her down the aisle on your behalf. Although honored by the request (of course Jing relented), we’d rather that it is you who gives her away. This is going to be a major event in her life and it would be even more special if only you had lived to see it.

On the lighter side, we didn’t have to worry about fitting you into a Barong or a formal attire which the stubborn you would surely refuse to wear. No more tears this time! Haha!

Daddy, admit it. You've been scheming all this, aren’t you? Tell me, have you been eating all your broccoli in heaven that you were able to convince God to agree with your grand plan? It's too much coincidence that I got pregnant and Gie met Eugene almost instantly after you left!

You know I am such a cry baby and if I have Enoe, I'd be so happy (and busy) I wouldn’t cry so much thinking about you. I will love him and he will love me too.

Then for Gie, you and mom worry so much about her; you were even reluctant to leave because of her - our youngest but reckless of a sister. She was the one who depends on you the most, the one who can't live without a Daddy. So you sent Eugene to the rescue, and expect that with him she can learn to be matured, start a family and be happy (then Mom will not have to worry about her too. Yeah, let's pass on all the headache to Eugene!!)

That's so sweet of you Dad. Even after you're gone, you've never stopped loving us.

I love you too. And as I always say every time I think of you, I miss you. I will never stop missing you.

I will be posting pictures of the wedding but please don't bother to comment, okay?


Your Kikay


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