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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Mom, The Uzi

You think mothers are the most boring creatures, right? They wear thick glasses, remind us constantly to be prim and proper and insist on their old fashioned way of life.

My mom is all the three I put above. Heck, even more! She could be a handful at times but surely very very hard to live (and love) without.

One time, she insisted on coming with us at Punchline. Everyone was like, "No way! That place is not a prayer meeting, Mommy and I swear you will not like it". She persisted so we had her come with us.

True to what we feared, she had her ears covered althrough the night, constantly complained about the trash talk by Vice Ganda (and the gay performers and stand up comedians) and refused to touch her cocktail drink.

Over the last couple of years, my mom learned to mellow down a bit. It was a slow process; little baby steps (or crawl) so to speak. I guess, she has gotten used to being around me, her kikay daughter who thinks she is gay in her past life, that she has now learned to "chill".

Anyway, I think this morning she was being too chill when she sent me this SMS:

"D2 ako Emerald Restaurant eating d best siopao I've ever eaten. Nxt 2 my table is Mayor Lim and media. Na uzi ko na ung bus sa Luneta hostage drama. Bongga no?"

I wasn't able to reply instantly. I think I wanted to verify first if the SMS really came from her.

Eventually I replied with, "Juice ko mader! Ikaw talaga!"

And yes, Bongga ka!

Note: Uzi or Usi is a slang or short for Usyoso. Usyoso's straight forward meaning is "outsider looking in".


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