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Thursday, August 12, 2010

When midlife crisis is worse than water crisis...

So I turned 35 yesterday. Three and a half decades old, my golly!

They say life begins at 40, then considered as midlife, to sort of pacify the worry of getting old. But that was when people lived to be at least 80. Since average lifespan is now just about 70, 35 is the new midlife. I have just joined the club.

I don’t know how this midlife crisis works? I suppose it starts with worrying about getting wrinkles and white hair and all the aches that comes with ageing. Then people around you start dropping unsolicited advices on creams that reduce fine lines, some sour juice to detoxify and names of skin care clinics that offer the cheapest botox. I recall my mom in law recently have reminded us to start getting more veggies into our diet as we are "not getting any younger". Ouch!

So life begins at 35? It certainly does.

Actually, life for me began when I became a mom. Although it marked the end of what I call 'freedom' such as late nights out, unnecessary shopping spree, and unplanned vacations, holding two beautiful kids in a loving embrace is the greatest trade off. I have unknowingly but happily switched from designer bags to diaper bags, red stiletto shoes to unfashionable flat slip on, silk scarves to burp cloths, last full shows to late night feedings, to name a few. That's quite a change for a kikay like me, but every single smile of my little ones is worth the sacrifice.

Anyway, some friends were expecting for a wish list that I normally write before my birthday. The list, that friends can refer to when buying a gift so they know what I really like, was something I attempted to write many times for 2 weeks but I could not get past No. 1. The Hubby, too, asked me what sort of gift I want for my birthday; I gave it a long, hard thought and came up with nothing.

I guess when you get older and hopefully, wiser, material things become secondary. All I can ask for now is good health so I can spend more fruitful years with my children.

And yes, I want world peace.

I guess this is what midlife crisis is exactly all about...being mushy and gushy and thinking about all the drama!

(Note to Jason: I couldn’t come up with a gift idea but it doesn’t mean I do not want one. SURPRISE ME!)


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