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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gay Crab Day

One fine Sunday, we decided to drive to Farmer's Market to buy fresh seafood. It's been at least a month since we last had huge crabs and Eone is craving for prawns as well.

So after hearing mass, we trooped to Cubao with the little girl so she can see the hustle and bustle of a wet market.

The market trip was uneventful except for the part where we had to choose male, female or gay. Male crabs are meaty, while female ones have more aligue or fat (what coincidence! I think the pun was intended, hahaha!!). What about the gay, you ask? It's simply a crab wearing a lipstick and the claws are with polish, what else? Seriously, it's a crab with a good combination of meat and fat.

I am gay, I love gay so I bought gay.

Anyway, as soon as we reached home I started preparing to cook the crab. However, I had a problem. The other helper took the Sunday off and will not be back ‘til before eve. Nanay Nita was busy with baby boy and couldn’t help with the preppy.

I love cooking but I dislike the cutting, slicing, mincing, and peeling part. Much more, I don’t know how to clean and kill a freaking crab.

But for the love of family, I tried.

Damn. I tried but failed.

After what seemed like hours of wrestling (and screaming), I only managed to clean half of one crab and broke one of its claws in the process.

I decided if I just cut the poor thing in half, it will be easier. No more struggle with 2 damn claws bent on snitching my fingers.

Then again I had another problem. I didnt have the guts to break the creature in half. It seemed to be pleading for mercy.

To make the long story short, I left the crabs alive (well, one partially mutilated) in the sink and decided to wait for Tess to come home to do the dirty job for me.

Hubby and Eone had the mussels' soup for lunch instead. My mom also brought us the night before a pot of Kare-Kare, delicious and hassle-free.

Fast forward to around 6pm, Tess arrived and massacred the crustaceans, all 3 kilos of them! I tossed loads and loads of garlic, ginger and shallots into the huge wok (don’t forget the oil), poured some water and added a pinch of salt and pepper. The crabs joined the ensemble shortly after. It took about 40 minutes and 10 checks by the little girl, "Mommy, is it cooked already?" or "Mommy, it’s red na! Ready na?" before I declared dinner is ready.

By the time Tess finished setting the table, Eone was almost halfway done eating one huge claw. Yeah, she likes crabs (and Mr. Krab of Spongebob, but in a different context).

Of course we didn’t finish all 3 kilos in one sitting. We ate it for around 3 more dinners. On the 3rd day, I was already tired of it that the mere smell of the viand made me dizzy.

Crabby revenge? The gay crabs must be laughing at me.


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