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Monday, September 13, 2010

Did the President like it?

If there's an entity that benefited or continues to benefit from the Manila Hostage Drama, it would be Emerald Garden Restaurant.

If I were to count the number of times Emerald was mentioned in the probe conducted by the Department of Justice, it would be close to a hundred. Plus throw in the comments from FB (that PNoy was dining at Emerald during the hostage crisis etc), and Twitter, it's easy to realize the size of free advertisement this Chinese restaurant received during the past 3 weeks.

As everyone knows, Jason and I were suckers for 'what's popular' so it's no surprise we decided to travel the miles to try the dishes the President ate at Emerald during the hostage crisis. Teka, ano nga ba kinain nya? We took the kids and the 2 nannies with us since it's a Sunday and we planned a side trip at Manila Bay. Mommy, who came straight from Baguio, followed.

Anyway, I won't detail the food or how it taste. I'll go straight to the verdict that we would dine at Mann Hann any time any day instead of Emerald.

While the staffs are nice and friendly, the food is bland and ordinary. Also, the resto itself seriously need some renovation or refurbishing at the very least.

Mommy said we should have ordered the siopao which is the house specialty. I actually did but they dont serve it on Sunday. Too bad, that could have been the highlight of the visit. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

So what taste good? Surely, there must be at least one dish that we liked, right?

All 5 adults agree the best they served last night was the plain rice.


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