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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Daddy,

You would have been 65 today, and happily retiring from the workforce. You'd be having a party, maybe not at home, but at SSS as your birthday and their anniversary fall on the same date.

For sure Mommy would cook your favorite dishes and you'll pack them all to work to share with your team. We'd probably eat out somewhere, perhaps in a restaurant that is not so fancy because you want everything simple. I am guessing KFC?

On the weekend, the whole clan would troop to our house to celebrate your natal day. You'd refuse the grand celeb, but as you also know, we would insist. Mom's siblings (and family in tow) would all come nary an invitation and sing the night away. You'd be sitting on the last 3 steps of the stairs (your usual place when the house is packed with visitors) and watch us from there - smiling, cheering, laughing.

This would be the way we'd celebrate your birthday on earth. But how about up there in heaven?

I wonder Dad, how does one celebrate a birthday in heaven? Which one do you celebrate in the first place, your natal day when you were mortal, or your angel birthday?

I imagine a table with loads of all the food you love. Meatloaf, sausage, ham, bacon, estofado, corned beef, lechon, soft drinks (loads and loads of it!)...practically everything with preservatives! I am actually cracking as I think of your birthday buffet spread. All the 'forbidden' will be there!

Have fun, dear Daddy. Mama will surely cook for you there, and Papa would probably stir some noise and you'd grimace in disapproval.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you everyday, but I miss you more today.


Your Kikay


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