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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oh they start early!

Eone: Mommy, where's the iTouch?
Me: It's in my bag, but there's no battery.

She went to my bag, rummaged through my things, and found the iPod. She tried opening but nothing happened. She looked disappointed and asked, "Why no battery? I want to play with the iTouch"

Me: Ok, Im going up to recharge it.

After 1 hour, she followed me in the bedroom.

Eone: Mommy, okay na?
Me: No, not yet.
Eone: But I want to play!

I checked the gadget and it has a reasonable amount of charge already. I pulled it off the plug and handed to her, "There. I guess it's okay now."

She examined it and turned it on. When the iPod lit up, so did her eyes. Then she smiled at me and said, "Nice!" the very same way her Dad would.

Duh. She is just 4!


Two weeks ago, I got a forwarded email from my colleague in Sydney. She told me I sent her a blank email and inquired what it was all about. I checked and saw the subject. It says: Eoneygggggffffttt45.

I instantly knew it was sent by my little girl who must have done it using my iPod (The Hubby synched my office email to gadget so I can check emails anywhere and anytime when needed).

After 2 days I received another forwarded email from my boss' wife.

It turned out she's been sending emails to 3 of my colleagues without me knowing it . The little girl can't deny it because she typed her name in each email.

Duh. She is just 4!


We were without internet service for 2 weeks last month, thanks to Digitel. Every single day, I would call Digitel to follow up and shove to their face their very lousy technical service.

One day, Eone asked me, "Mommy, may internet na?". I was taken aback. Why would a pre-school who can't even read yet check about our internet service?!

"No. They still haven't fixed it. Why?"

"I want to watch the Final Down Down". She meant Spongebob's music video, The Final Countdown. She watches it on youtube.

Duh. She is just 4!


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