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Sunday, September 05, 2010

That Little Tokyo Trip

The Hubby and I have been planning to try the Japanese food at this small hub in Makati. Some friends have been raving about it and I've read about it also in a couple of blogs.

So when the opportunity presented itself last Saturday (after watching the play, Sleeping Beauty of Repertory Philippines, with Eone), we eagerly took it and went to Little Tokyo.

The name itself would give you an idea of the place. It's all Japanese dining and everything is little except the price.

We went during lunch which turned out to be a dead time; 4 out of the 7 restos were still closed and business starts at 5pm. Influx of diners starts around that time too, and on weekend eves, you would most likely line up for a table. Well, that isn't very surprising because the dining places are so small, you'd feel like you're going inside a hobbit's house.

Anyway, we ate at the first restaurant, the one closest to the walkway. There were only 4 tables and all were occupied so we had to settle at the counter table. That's fine for us; eat ala carinderia style and it would also be a novelty for the little girl.

We ordered ramen for Eone, tonkantsu bento for Jason and tempura bento for me. We also added salmon sashimi and tamago sashimi as appetizer. Later we realized that the serving was quite hefty and our orders are better served at a table. Luckily, a group of diners left and we were able to eat properly.

The food is good; although I must say there is nothing extraordinary about them. For that price, I could have the same food at a very spacious Sakae Sushi or Sumo Sam.

I must also mention parking is horrible. Diners would have to park along the streets in the vicinity or take the Makati Cinema Square basement parking which isn’t that appealing as well.

Was the trip and effort worth it? I'd say yes. At least we've tried it and could cross it off our list of restaurants we want to try. However, it’s not a place we’d be recommending to our friends.

Speaking of effort, I’m putting a permanent mental note to self to NEVER trust cigarette vendors again in asking for direction. The moron could have told us he didn’t know where Little Tokyo is, instead, he told us to turn right at Arnaiz which turned out to be the ramp entrance of the Skyway!!! We had to go back from Terminal 3! Good thing the toll gate is not yet complete, therefore, no toll fees.

Jason and I have both been to Tokyo on separate business trips. He was there for 3 months while I went on 4 different trips. Both of us would love to go back to Japan together with the kids (probably when Enoe turns 2 and during winter!). Meantime, we'd have to be content trying out various Japanese restaurants around Metro Manila.


SkyOrange said...

It's too bad you didn't enjoy your trip to Little Tokyo. I ate at Hana, and loved my katsudon. The place is nice at night too with the lights lit up. The sashimi - we were served with tiny slices. :P I actually want to go back to try the other restos.

Gano'n siguro talaga if you've been to Japan and tasted 'the real thing' already, hirap humanap ng substitute.

The guy you asked is correct ;P may maliit na eskinita sa Arnaiz, beside the skyway ramp. That tiny street will bring you to the parking lot around McDo. :)

BratinelangKikay said...

Wuthie, maybe kasi it was lunch time and the place is not that appealing without the crowd.

The vendor didnt tell us of the small iskinita, sabi lang nya right po kyo sa stop light. And then he said nasa kabilang side pa daw - hindi talaga nya alam. hmmp!

You can turn right din dun sa small road going to MCS, that's what we did kaya nahanap namin finally.

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