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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I saw another sign!

While we might all agree that nobody / nothing is perfect, I am bit surprised to see this in a first class resort and a favorite destination of foreign tourists.

Oh swimming is Prohibitid...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Beyonce Should Sue Regine for Murder

As my colleague and I were walking out of Megamall yesterday, there was a sales girl promoting Wow Magic Sing through a rendition of The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera.

Her song goes like this : "When there's no one else, look inside your shelf..."

Probably it was just her pronounciation of the words or a speech problem but it still sound really funny.

But even professionals make the same blunder. Remember when Regine Velasquez walked out of SOP after making a circus out of the lyrics of Listen by Beyonce?

Awww. You forgot already?  Here's a refresher...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Sister Got Hitched

Dear Daddy,

As promised I am posting pictures of us at Rodgie's wedding. Sorry it took a long time but believe it or not, the photos from the official photographer were sent to Gie and Eugene only last weekend.

Anyway, this was from the photobooth. It's the IN thing now. Look at our wacky pictures! They're great, aren't they?
2+2 = 4
To my surprise Mommy wore a shouting tangerine gown on your daughter's wedding! See, doesn't she look like a Reyna Elena in a Flores De Mayo?

so orangeyyyy!

Mom and the lovely-only-on-her-wedding day-bride, hahaha!

Everyone in the family were dressed in gowns and barong that we looked like we're going to attend a SONA.

My sister Dhing and her macho men

I almost didn't recognize these are my cousins! All were handsome in barong..

Your grandkids were lovely and dashing that day too. Eone was with fever and was not in her happy self but still managed to walk down the aisle and throw flower petals. Jeje proudly carried the rings (and dropped the pillow with the rings 3 times which was actually quite funny).

My handsome nephew, Jeje

of course I have to show off my Enoe

By the way, even if Gie dreaded what I have to say about her on her wedding day she still asked me to give them a short message, like a toast to the couple except that I held a water glass instead of a wine goblet.

I didn't say much. I only told her how God works in mysterious ways and that unbelievable as it may seem, it was you who wanted it most that she ties the knot with Eugene. No, I did not mention she should tie the knot on Eugene's end a little tighter, hihihi.

The newly weds giving the priest "the finger" LOL!
We were all thinking of you during the entire ceremony. I had to fight back my tears a lot of times when we pose for family pictures. I miss you a lot!


Your Kikay

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Nurtured

I received a call today from a very polite and friendly Wyeth Careline Associate confirming my membership to the Nurture Network. At last! I actually thought they have forgotten about my application.

I've always wanted to have a network or group where I can get various information on health and nutrition for my kids. Since I am working with computer and internet more than half of my waking time, my preference is for an online community of mommies like me.

You bet I was more than happy to get the call and the confirmation email few moments after.

Look the vast information a mom can get from their site - child nutrition, parenting, first aid tips, baby care and whole lot more. They also have an "Ask an Expert" section where member can consult with a pool of doctors and health professionals.

Mommies, what are you waiting for? Don't you wanna be Nurtured too?

To join Nurture Network, simply sign up here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Move Over Brad Pitt

I used to love anything that has to do with Brad Pitt. He is my ultimate and biggest celebrity crush that  I even named our dogs after his characters in the movies. That 'love' for Brad Pitt went on for years, even after I got married. If someone can marry an illussion, I would have been Mrs. Pitt eons ago.

And so I asked the universe to send me Brad Pitt even just for a day. I gave specific instructions that I want him clad in one of his Achilles outfits in Troy.

Wanna take a bite?
Then one fine day, this universe sent me my wish. But wait! It wasn't Brad but another man. More good-looking, a lot charming and oh so so bango!

My Bunso 

It's been 8 months since Enoe came. All groggy and numb during the CS, I was so excited to see him that I did not sleep during the entire operation. I want to hear him cry for the very first time. When he was finally out, I looked at him and knew right that moment that I have found my one true love (yeah, I always knew it wasn't Jason, hehe).

From that fateful day at the OR, I have become not only his No.1 fan but his protector, his shelter and his source of love as well. He calls me Mommy (but can only cry out 'Maaaaaa' for now) and I call him Bunso.

Indeed sometimes we don't get exactly what we ask for. We get more!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tokyo Drift

10 Top Reasons Why I Love My Last Tokyo Trip Compared to My Previous Visits

1. I was able to go to Minami-machida, a suburb outside Tokyo. It is an hour ride by train from Tokyo and boasts of a huge outlet/yard sale at the popular Grand Berry Mall. GAP clothes were so cheap, it's simply irressitable. I love shopping, shopping, shopping!!

Elle bags.... black? yellow? blue? ALL???

2. Went to Roppongi, enjoyed the night life (well, a little) and had my photo taken with the Tokyo Tower at the background.

Kikay at Roppongi
3. I stayed in two diffenent posh hotels. The first two weeks were spent at the Execuitve floor of Royal Park Hotel. On my third week, I was asked to move to the soon-to-be-opened Shangri-la Hotel Tokyo where the beds were covered in velvet and the bathroom was so huge I can go ballroom dancing. I felt like ROYALTY!

My super luxurious room at Shang Tokyo. Look at that see-through bathroom...feeling exhibitionist?

4. It was winter and not only that, it's snowing! I was thrilled to be able to touch snow for the very first time. Jologs ba?

 5. Ramen, sushi, sashimi! They were expensive even if you go to small restaurants in Tokyo's inner streets, but heck, everything is expensive in Tokyo. The silly me keeps on converting between Peso and Yen endlessly (although technically client was paying for all my meals).

Yummy! Nothing beats authentic Japanese food.

6. Witnessed the opening of Tokyo's very first Shangri-La Hotel. Perfectly located right beside the Tokyo Eki (Train Station), it is accessible, luxurious and EXPENSIVE. It's a six star hotel, by the way. (Note: this is one of those times when I trully like my job, hehe)

this chandelier is just a sample of how extravagant Tokyo Shangri la is...this is inside their ELEVATOR!

7. Had a leisure walk at and around Shinjuku and fell in LOVE with Tokyo

who cant miss LOVE in Shinjuku? (it was almost Valentines)

8. Met wonderful Filipina workers from the hotel. She was cleaning my room when she noticed I am Filipina and we never stopped talking since. I had coffee with her (and other Pinays) and was humbled by their warmth. They were very proud to meet a Filipina in Tokyo on a business trip. In fact, it was a bit embarrassing when they introduced me to their Japanese colleagues who work with them as chambermaids at Shangri La ('This is Wheng, she's a consultant and she's Filipina!').

9. I nearly had anemia due to massive nosebleed while trying to read the Tokyo Subway map.! Hahaha! Luckily, I was with a colleague who speaks and reads Japanese, otherwise, I would have not been able to go around Tokyo.

Nosebleed! Masakit sa bangs ang mapa na ito!

10. I was fascinated by the wide array of items that are being sold through vendo machine; from bottled and canned drinks to cigarettes, sandwiches, noodles, full meals, socks, even underwear! Whooooaaaaa! Only in Japan, which I now call the Land of Vendo Machines.

I can't wait to go back but I hope on a leisure trip. I'd love to explore Japan more together with my kids, maybe go to the mountains and learn to ski?!

For now, I'd say Arigato and see you again Japan!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This monkey will never ever have any bladder or kidney problems

Ayan, matalino man daw ang matsing, matsing pa din!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palitaw and the Pinoy Politicians

Palitaw ala Kikay
I cooked Palitaw at the office last week. I've been itching to try the pack of rice flour I found at Shopwise and thought I'd try cooking the dessert at the office first. If successful, I'll cook it at home for hubby and kids.

(The truth is out, officemates! You are my just my testers! LOL! Akala nyo ha!)

The recipe is actually very simple and it was even made a lot easier by the availability of instant rice flour. In the old days, anyone who wants to cook palitaw, bibingka, bilo-bilo etc would have to go to the wet market to buy galapong. That is glutinous rice soaked overnight and then ground to a dough-like consistency. The vendor will grind the soaked rice only when you buy it as it needs to be consumed right away to avoid spoilage.

With the rice flour, all you need to do is add a little water to form a dough and viola! You have your galapong na bonggang bongga!

Anyway, as I was waiting for the palitaw to emerge from the boiling coconut milk (I use coconut milk instead of just plain water), I realized the semblance of the dish to our local politicians.

The Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections are slated for next week, and people whom I have NEVER seen or heard before are now parading daily in our neighborhood. They go door to door, introduce themselves and recite tons of promises-that-are-made-to-be-broken-anyway and other political crap.

Why am I not surprised that candidates would even kill just to secure a seat in the barangay? With a meager monthly salary of around Php10,000, they spend millions in the campaign. The other day, there was news that a candidate put a bullet through his mouth due to depression because he failed to get enough funds for his campaign. Dang!

Doesn’t that tell you that corruption starts at the bottom – yes, at the Barangay level? To be that desperate for a position tells me something more than just the itch to serve the Filipino people.

Elections time was like the boiling coconut milk, it makes these politicians float (or sprout) like palitaw. However, the good thing about palitaw is that you enjoy it and you feel satisfied after eating. The politicians who emerge winners later on forget their promises and make our stomachs turn upside down with their corrupt practices.

Anyway, back to my recipe.So how to make palitaw? It's easy.

1. Buy the rice flour from the supermarket (you can ask from your neighbor if you like, hahahaha!)
2. Mix rice flour and water to form a dough.
3. Make disks from the rice flour dough (scoop a little dough, turn into a ball then flatten by pressing your palms together).
4. Boil at least 8 cups of water (or coconut milk as variation if you want the palitaw to taste better!)
5. Drop the rice flour dough into the briskly boiling water (or coconut milk).
6. Wait for the rice flour to float before removing from the pot. In short, hintaying lumitaw. Now you know why it's called Palitaw.
7. Sprinkle with grated coconut.
8. Serve with sugar and toasted sesame seeds (optional).

Do you want to know how to make a politician too? Easy lang din!

1. Start by becoming an actor, actress, newscaster, or child of a powerful family.
2. Learn to sugar-coat all sentences that come out of your mouth.
3. Practice the art of discreet stealing by getting coins out of your piggy bank without breaking it. Improvise! Come on, you can do it!
4. Wave a whole damn lot.

:-) Enjoy! (the palitaw, not the politicians)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I sometimes say stupid things...kakainis!

I realized I've been doing too much (online & window) shopping when I had this conversation with a hotel staff I was training in Tokyo. She was very pretty (Caucasian), has very nice natural curls and speaks fluent Japanese (she's married to a local).

Me: You are American or European?
Trainee: European. I am Bulgarian.
Me: Oh from BVLGARI!

She smiled and nodded politely.

As soon as I realized what I've just said, I went to look for any box my head could fit in.

I didn't find any.

(I could use this crocodile next time....)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I came across a poem I have written ages ago... where was I when I composed this?

After reading this, I realized it reminds me of how much my Mom must be missing my Dad. Him and Mom will be celebrating what would have been their 36th wedding anniversary on Oct 27.

Mom told me last week she wants to go somewhere far and reminisce their time together by her lonesome. She probably could not stand being at home on their special day.

Well, people mourn differently and in various degrees. I have always thought the first year would be the most difficult to go through for my mother. I guess I am wrong.


Life is spending me.
Slowly yet surely,
consuming me in silence
like the cold winter night.

We are spending me.
It's like sharing the same shell
and we cannot find each other.

We are under the same blue sky
yet the sun shines only at your side.
How can the moon
remain full at my end,
making me drown in tides?

I am right in front of you,
Why can't you see me?
Are you not getting tired
of filling my eyes with tears?

I am lost in this castle
without walls.
I fight your memories
and find myself defeated
each and every time.

Is it because you failed
to put some stars
In the world you created for me?
Why? You can always borrow
from the Milky Way...

Just let me treasure your whispers
under my pillow.
Walk away briskly like the ants
and confuse me.
It doesn't matter.

Your face will still light my sky
Your eyes will still shelter my shadows
The promises of your smile
will still be my destiny...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shake it baby!

I can't understand why people take videos of themselves doing stupid things, but here's one that's worth watching.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Eone Draws A Little

When you’re a mother, even a peanut-butter-smeared-doodle of your child is a work of art.

Eone proudly showed me this drawing the other night. She has learned to write her brother's name which is not that difficult at all for obvious reasons :-)

I love it. I love the way Enoe's hair were drawn all standing up. I love the smile on their faces. I love the yellow and red flowers.

I am guessing the other stick figure is their Dad and I love it (and him) too!
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