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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I came across a poem I have written ages ago... where was I when I composed this?

After reading this, I realized it reminds me of how much my Mom must be missing my Dad. Him and Mom will be celebrating what would have been their 36th wedding anniversary on Oct 27.

Mom told me last week she wants to go somewhere far and reminisce their time together by her lonesome. She probably could not stand being at home on their special day.

Well, people mourn differently and in various degrees. I have always thought the first year would be the most difficult to go through for my mother. I guess I am wrong.


Life is spending me.
Slowly yet surely,
consuming me in silence
like the cold winter night.

We are spending me.
It's like sharing the same shell
and we cannot find each other.

We are under the same blue sky
yet the sun shines only at your side.
How can the moon
remain full at my end,
making me drown in tides?

I am right in front of you,
Why can't you see me?
Are you not getting tired
of filling my eyes with tears?

I am lost in this castle
without walls.
I fight your memories
and find myself defeated
each and every time.

Is it because you failed
to put some stars
In the world you created for me?
Why? You can always borrow
from the Milky Way...

Just let me treasure your whispers
under my pillow.
Walk away briskly like the ants
and confuse me.
It doesn't matter.

Your face will still light my sky
Your eyes will still shelter my shadows
The promises of your smile
will still be my destiny...


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