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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I sometimes say stupid things...kakainis!

I realized I've been doing too much (online & window) shopping when I had this conversation with a hotel staff I was training in Tokyo. She was very pretty (Caucasian), has very nice natural curls and speaks fluent Japanese (she's married to a local).

Me: You are American or European?
Trainee: European. I am Bulgarian.
Me: Oh from BVLGARI!

She smiled and nodded politely.

As soon as I realized what I've just said, I went to look for any box my head could fit in.

I didn't find any.

(I could use this crocodile next time....)



Redjeulle said...

Natawa ako ng bonggang bongga hahahahahah

BratinelangKikay said...

naku, baka maalala mo yung ibang mga stupid things na nasabi ko gaya ng...shrunken garden! bwahahaha!

michelle magbuhos said...

wheng, ngayon ko lang to nabasa..iba ka talaga! hahaha!

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