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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Move Over Brad Pitt

I used to love anything that has to do with Brad Pitt. He is my ultimate and biggest celebrity crush that  I even named our dogs after his characters in the movies. That 'love' for Brad Pitt went on for years, even after I got married. If someone can marry an illussion, I would have been Mrs. Pitt eons ago.

And so I asked the universe to send me Brad Pitt even just for a day. I gave specific instructions that I want him clad in one of his Achilles outfits in Troy.

Wanna take a bite?
Then one fine day, this universe sent me my wish. But wait! It wasn't Brad but another man. More good-looking, a lot charming and oh so so bango!

My Bunso 

It's been 8 months since Enoe came. All groggy and numb during the CS, I was so excited to see him that I did not sleep during the entire operation. I want to hear him cry for the very first time. When he was finally out, I looked at him and knew right that moment that I have found my one true love (yeah, I always knew it wasn't Jason, hehe).

From that fateful day at the OR, I have become not only his No.1 fan but his protector, his shelter and his source of love as well. He calls me Mommy (but can only cry out 'Maaaaaa' for now) and I call him Bunso.

Indeed sometimes we don't get exactly what we ask for. We get more!


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