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Friday, October 22, 2010

Tokyo Drift

10 Top Reasons Why I Love My Last Tokyo Trip Compared to My Previous Visits

1. I was able to go to Minami-machida, a suburb outside Tokyo. It is an hour ride by train from Tokyo and boasts of a huge outlet/yard sale at the popular Grand Berry Mall. GAP clothes were so cheap, it's simply irressitable. I love shopping, shopping, shopping!!

Elle bags.... black? yellow? blue? ALL???

2. Went to Roppongi, enjoyed the night life (well, a little) and had my photo taken with the Tokyo Tower at the background.

Kikay at Roppongi
3. I stayed in two diffenent posh hotels. The first two weeks were spent at the Execuitve floor of Royal Park Hotel. On my third week, I was asked to move to the soon-to-be-opened Shangri-la Hotel Tokyo where the beds were covered in velvet and the bathroom was so huge I can go ballroom dancing. I felt like ROYALTY!

My super luxurious room at Shang Tokyo. Look at that see-through bathroom...feeling exhibitionist?

4. It was winter and not only that, it's snowing! I was thrilled to be able to touch snow for the very first time. Jologs ba?

 5. Ramen, sushi, sashimi! They were expensive even if you go to small restaurants in Tokyo's inner streets, but heck, everything is expensive in Tokyo. The silly me keeps on converting between Peso and Yen endlessly (although technically client was paying for all my meals).

Yummy! Nothing beats authentic Japanese food.

6. Witnessed the opening of Tokyo's very first Shangri-La Hotel. Perfectly located right beside the Tokyo Eki (Train Station), it is accessible, luxurious and EXPENSIVE. It's a six star hotel, by the way. (Note: this is one of those times when I trully like my job, hehe)

this chandelier is just a sample of how extravagant Tokyo Shangri la is...this is inside their ELEVATOR!

7. Had a leisure walk at and around Shinjuku and fell in LOVE with Tokyo

who cant miss LOVE in Shinjuku? (it was almost Valentines)

8. Met wonderful Filipina workers from the hotel. She was cleaning my room when she noticed I am Filipina and we never stopped talking since. I had coffee with her (and other Pinays) and was humbled by their warmth. They were very proud to meet a Filipina in Tokyo on a business trip. In fact, it was a bit embarrassing when they introduced me to their Japanese colleagues who work with them as chambermaids at Shangri La ('This is Wheng, she's a consultant and she's Filipina!').

9. I nearly had anemia due to massive nosebleed while trying to read the Tokyo Subway map.! Hahaha! Luckily, I was with a colleague who speaks and reads Japanese, otherwise, I would have not been able to go around Tokyo.

Nosebleed! Masakit sa bangs ang mapa na ito!

10. I was fascinated by the wide array of items that are being sold through vendo machine; from bottled and canned drinks to cigarettes, sandwiches, noodles, full meals, socks, even underwear! Whooooaaaaa! Only in Japan, which I now call the Land of Vendo Machines.

I can't wait to go back but I hope on a leisure trip. I'd love to explore Japan more together with my kids, maybe go to the mountains and learn to ski?!

For now, I'd say Arigato and see you again Japan!


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