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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dear Daddy,

You have been constantly in my thoughts the past few days, more frequent than usual. I don't know why.

Is it because it's just less than a month away before Christmas and I'm beginning to miss you more? It will be the second Christmas without you. For the second time, Mom will continue all by herself your annual tradition of wrapping and giving presents not only to family and relatives but also to less fortunate kids.

Is it because I'm getting hammered at work lately that I am feeling unsually tired and frustrated? When you were still around, you would ask me how my day went; you would patiently listen to my rants and laugh at my misadventures.

Is it because my two little bundles of joy are growing up fast and smart and wonderful without their Lolo Love? They'll be spoiled rotten by you for sure especially your princess Eone who happily shouts your name whenever she sees a photo of you.

I guess it's all of the above. The bottom line is the plain but sad truth that I just miss you.

Here is a video of you at the last party we had (2 months) before you went to heaven. You were singing (again) your favorite song, Constantly.

The lyrics of your favorite song best illustrate how we are feeling...

All day I'm walking in a dream
I think about you constantly
Just like an ever flowing stream
Your memory haunts me constantly

Shadows fall and I try to drive you from my mind
So you're no longer near to me
But my heart sees you there with me
Every sunset you share with me

The rain that patters through the tree reminds
Me of you constantly
Your name is whispered by the breeze and love birds
Bring your song to me

Just as sure as each star keeps burning
In the sky your love will stay a flame in me
A flame that burns so bright
Not only through the night
But constantly

Though we may be far apart
You're constantly deep in my heart

I love you Dad!

Your Kikay

Friday, November 26, 2010

Do you see what I see?

One fine day in Tokyo, which happened to be a public holiday, my colleague and I went for a walk at Ueno Park.

The park was filled with people, mostly families doing various colorful activities. Vendors too, were all over the park offering all sorts of colorful stuff. Japanese bowls, chopstix, clothes, and of course food!

Can you guess what's for sale here?

They're banana coated with chocolate and covered with candy sprinkles. The weather was so cold  the chocolate doesn't melt.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Want a Kiddie Language Dictionary!

"Mommy, I want pansal bread", Eone requested while we were driving home. At 4 years old, she still mispronounce a lot of words but pansal was very clear to me as pan de sal. Or so I thought.

Pan de Sal is so easy to get around Manila; almost all bakeries in every corner sell them but the best of course is the bread from Pan De Manila.

Food requests are almost always granted, so I said "Okay, we'll stop to buy pan de sal".

Upon hearing that, she went a little nuts. "No! I want pansal bread! Pansal bread!".

"Yes! That's what we're getting!", I exclaimed while parking in front of Pan de Manila near our village.

By the time I got the bread, she was almost crying, saying I bought the wrong bread. WTF!

So I asked her to describe to me what is a pansal bread. She appeared exhausted and frustrated by Mommy's ignorance as she said "Pansal bread, the one you sawsaw (dip) in chocolate! It's like this...", and then she drew a ribbon-like image in the air.

She wants a PRETZEL!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Japanese Sunday at Inagiku Makati Shangri La

I noticed I have been blogging a lot about Japan lately. Well, what can I do? I have been eating too many japanese food that the best topic to write about is anything japanese too!

Like last Sunday when we had buffet lunch at Inagiku at the Makati Shangri La Hotel with Raymand & Lily who are both godparents to our kids (and us to theirs). As soon as we started eating, our good friend Lily can't stop talking about us going to Japan together.

Was it because of the super tender and delicious US beef steak teppanyaki cooked on the spot? Or the tangy-tasty salmon in miso sauce? I think they did some kind of voodoo on these food because as soon as we tasted them, our brain cells started to get filled with japanese images.

For me the sushi and sahimi spread was were the most unforgettable. There were a lot of unique sushi creations that I've only seen in this restaurant. I love them! I love them so much I ate almost nothing but sushi and sashimi...

Well, almost. Because I wasn't able to resist the fried ice cream and the 'cabinet' full of desserts...

Eone was amused by the cotton candy machine which turns a Fox candy into a ball of floss!


The only regret I had going to Inagiku on Sunday was I did not get to take so many photos. In fact, I BARELY took photos! We were so busy eating and catching up that we just didn't care about pictures.

Indeed, great food is best enjoyed with great friends (with kids in tow).

Domo arigato gozaimashita mare and pare!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Saw What You're Wearing

Pwedeng mang-okray?

What I love most about going to Japan is that you can wear whatever you want and nobody gives a damn.

Look at her standing confidently against the door of the MTR...looks like she went to the gym and forgot her rubber shoes.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kidz Kraze 2010 (Richwell Trading Warehouse Sale)

Here's a warehouse sale your kids will literally plead for you to go.

Richwell Trading's annual Christmas sale offers up to 80% off on branded toys like Barbie, Dora The Explorer, Spongebob, Leapfrog, Vtech and many more! Also on sale are kids shoes, apparel and baby products like Pigeon, Safety 1st and Chicco.

Tip: The warehouse sale is at the Creative Trade Center at Calle Industria in Libis. There is an ongoing road repair (last week when we passed by) so there may be a slight to moderate traffic. This also makes parking a bit challenging.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Joy Ride courtesy of the Ipit Taxi Gang

(updated with photo)

A couple of years ago (a year after I got married), I became a victim of a car highjacking group called Ipit Taxi Gang.

I hailed a cab in front of the hotel where I used to work. When I got in, the driver told me to move to the innermost part (behind his seat) because his shock absorbers have problems. That was his drama - later on I would realize he wanted me to make space for his 2 other cohorts.

After making a U-turn at ADB and right at Ortigas, the driver stopped the car in front on the rotten-decaying-abandoned Philcomsen building and two other men jumped into the car much to my surprise (and later on fear).

They pinned me down when I tried to scream to catch attention. They made sure I saw their gun and commanded me to close my eyes.

They rummaged through my bag; I could hear them going through my things. When they searched my wallet, they asked me which of my ATM cards had funds. They reminded me not to lie or else I will get hurt. So I told them the Metrobank one had some funds and promptly gave them the PIN. After withdrawing money from my ATM, I was asked to remove all my jewelries and my watch (which happened to be an expensive one, a gift from my Dad who then just came from a trip in Singapore).

Closing my eyes in a way helped me relax and stay focused. I noticed that the goons threatened me more when I seem very afraid but when I respond to their queries casually, they seem to calm down too. Therefore, staying calm and even friendly to them became my game plan and it proved to be successful. After all, what choice have I got? Even if their guns are fake, they could beat me or strangulate me to death. I have no chance of survival with 3 men in a very compact place such as a taxi.

And sorry to say this but I also have no faith that anyone who would witness the crime to help me. That only happen in action flicks (and I know Mel Gibson is nowhere near Ortigas). Besides, after having experienced the passiveness of most Filipinos, I'm not going to keep my hopes high in that aspect.

What I did was to run several scenarios in my head, and started preparing myself for the worst. But to be honest, it never crossed my mind that I will not survive. My faith that I will come out of the incident unscathed was very strong that what played in my mind were scenes of me being reunited with my husband and family.

However, I was very scared; I felt my knees shake and my hands trembled like I have Parkinson's disease. Despite my fear, I vividly recall that I told the goons that I will give all the material things they want and I will cooperate just so they won’t touch me. I was very worried of getting raped, more than anything.

Being alone with armed, dangerous men made me feel very helpless and all I was able to do was to pray. Strange thing was I couldn’t finish any of the prayers. Confusion, panic and fear overwhelmed me that the prayers Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be were all mixed up in my head. And you know the joke that when you are in dire need, you'd be able to call the saints in heaven? That's very true. I implored help from all the Saints I can recall, even from Santa Clause, no kidding!

I was like their hostage for over an hour. We drove around to where I had no idea. My eyes were tight shut because when they asked me to close me eyes, I was keen on obeying everything they say - I didn’t even take a peek.

During the entire time, the crooks tried to engage me in casual, friendly conversation, perhaps to help me relax a bit. And boy, did I relax! Believe it or not, I did not cry at all when I was with them, although my hands and knees never stopped shaking. I remember them asking me about my cell phone, a new Nokia. They asked what model it was and how much I got it for. I then proceeded to tell them that it was free from Globe if you subscribe to a monthly plan, and I even went to the details of how to apply. Silly me, wasn't I?! Why would they buy when they can just take it from anymore?

Anyway, after what seemed like eternity, the driver finally asked me if I want to go home. I replied, "Yes, moron." "Please, yes, I want to.” But then it started to drizzle so I heard him ask again, "Ma'am, do you have an umbrella? We don’t want you to get wet" (in tagalog, of course).

Haha! These guys were funny. After stealing all my valuables, they’re showing concern of me getting drenched. But that was not the end of their joke. “Ma’am, we’re giving you Php100 so you can take a TAXI going home.”

The stupidity and irony of what they said made me chuckle, and then I mumbled an equally moronic response to the moronic statement…. I said. “Thank you.”

They actually thought I enjoyed the ride!

Lessons and tips from this ordeal:

1. Stay calm. Hard as it seems but keeping calm will help you think better. The crooks get nervous and fidgety too when we panic and we don’t want them getting fidgety with their guns, do we?

2. Don’t fight for your valuables. They are just materials things. Your safety, your health, your life are irreplaceable.

3. Do your best to get details of the incident as best as possible (plate number, identifiable marks, etc) and report to the police.

4. Pray.

It’s Christmas season and these criminals are aware you have just received your bonuses. They want a share from the fruits of your hardwork instead of finding a decent job.

So please stay safe everyone!

NOTE: I searched the internet if there are recent incidents similar to mine and here's what I found... this is the driver! It's been a long time but I will never forget his face.

growing old and still EVIL!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big & Small Co. Warehouse Sale 2010

Here's another warehouse sale to keep everyone up and about all week...

The organizers made sure you won't get lost by giving not only a map but detailed directions on how to get there. Pag naman nawala pa kayo, ewan ko nalang :-)

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bitten by Crocs

I have been planning to replace Eone's favorite Crocs, a Mickey Mouse Cayman, since last month. You see, she's been using that red crocs since she was 2. We bought it at the Crocs outlet in Serendra on my birthday in 2008. My plan really was to get a pair for myself but I ended up getting one for the little girl.

We bought a pair that was bigger than her actual size to give 'allowance' for growth spurts. I was glad we did because her crocs were the only pair of shoes she's had that are still in very good condition. What do we expect, from all the running and jumping of a very frisky girl like her, we'd be lucky if her shoes are still in one piece after 3 months. This made me realize that even if a pair of Crocs is equivalent to 2 to 3 pairs of ordinary children’s shoes, in the end it's a good investment.

Her second pair of Crocs (Genna) was 3 sizes too big when her Ninong Jeff gave it to her as Christmas present also in 2008. It has become our running joke that Eone would be able to wear it when she turns 7 and that how thoughtful Jeff was in sending the gift 5 years ahead.

Anyway, now that we're almost ready to park the red crocs, I thought of getting a replacement first. I also want to get one for Enoe who seem to be eager to start walking already.

Having said that, I have been on the look for another Crocs warehouse sale. The last 3 sales at the Mega Tent were all jam-packed with people that I started feeling suffocated even before we entered the parking lot. So when I learned about this Citibank Crocs and Toys R Us warehouse sale exclusive to card holders, I did not think twice. It was at a much smaller venue and there were less announcements so I figured there will be less people. I was right.

We went yesterday which was also the last day of the sale. As expected, some designs were already sold out and colors and sizes were already limited. Still, I was able to get what I wanted plus an extra pair which I can give away on Christmas.

Guess how much I paid for these 3 pairs?

Php1,110. Yes, you are reading it right.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gingersnaps Warehouse Sale 2010

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Me, I haven’t even made my list (I better do it today).

Anyway, I’ll be posting here all Christmas sales (bazaar, warehouse, outlet etc) that I would come across so please visit often for updates.

I’m starting with my favorite brand of clothing for my kids: Gingersnaps. I am planning to go next week, and when I do, I'll post my review - and a list of great finds. :-)

Happy shopping!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tag a Log Trans Lay Tien

We had  a very late dinner last night at a small resto near our village. While waiting for our orders, I entertained myself by reading their travel magazines. I particularly browsed through a booklet-type travel guide called My Boracay Guide.

Look what I have found...

This is the result when English to Filipino translation was done by a foreigner. Or maybe the translation was written that way so foreigners can pronounce the words better and easier? I doubt. "Hinday" is so exaggerated and unacceptable if this was written by a Filipino.

Anyway, it's sooo close to how we play charades - sounds like and by number of syllables. Kakalurkey!

"Ca moose ta ka?"

Hahahahah! Should I reply, "Ma boo tee poe"?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Top Things I Will Buy or Do If I Win the Lotto

The Grand Lotto draw last night still yielded no winner and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) made a fearless forecast that the pot could grow to Php400 Million on Saturday. Yey! That's the biggest so far in Philippine Lotto history. There were reports that even the rich and famous were already buying lotto tickets, including congressmen and senators. Funny no? With their yearly loot, they still want to take their chances in lotto?

Ako din, I want to win!!! An old adage says it is not good to count your chickens before they hatch, but what the heck. If counting chickens is the nearest I can get to spending Php400 Million, I'll go for it.

Here's my top 10 'to buy and to do' if and when I win the lotto:

1. Set aside the Php300 Million for Eone and Enoe. I'll divide it equally between the two of them and put in a trust fund.

2. Take a month leave from work and take my whole family to a vacation to Europe. Whole family includes my mom, my parents in law, sisters, brothers in law, and nephews (and maybe one or two cousins). Take note, I will only take a leave. I do not intend to stop working (yet) even after winning that huge amount. Why? Because sometimes we work not only because of money. Charing!

3. Build another house within the same village where are now.

4. A shopping spree for Mama (my mommy-in-law). She would love to buy all chic stuff for the house, I bet!

5. Get a Jollibee franchise...then I can probably leave work? hehe

6. Build and fund a small house for abandoned babies.

7. That dream black Hummer for Jason.

8. A house for an aunt whom I love very much.

9. For my Mom who's got a very itchy feet, I'll buy a brand new car (hmm, who's driving?) and 10 RT airline tickets to any destination in the world!

10. Php100K each for cousins (mother side only) and Php200K each for my nannies.

It's not bad to dream. Now, the next thing I should do is buy a lotto ticket.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why I can never make a living out of storytelling...

The Hubby wants pizza for dinner. Luckily, there is a branch of Shakey's Pizza very near our village. So off we went together with Eone so she could stop pestering her baby brother and the poor boy could sleep peacefully even for an hour.

To keep her from being frisky while we wait for our order, I told her I'll tell her a story.

I started with the most popular one.

"There was a lady named Cinderella. Cinderella has 2 evil sisters. They were bad! When Cinderella sleeps, they wake her up. Kaya ikaw, you should not wake your brother when he is sleeping. Okay?"

She nodded then proceeded to play with the plates and utensils thereby making a lot of noise.

Therefore, I quickly tried to come up again with another story. "Baby, come here. I have another one and this is good...” I started.

She eagerly settled down and looked at me, waiting for me to begin my story.

"Once upon a time, there was an evil witch who lived in a forest. She waits for little kids outside her house. Eh there were a lot of little kids who get lost kasi they are malikot. They don't follow Mommy and Daddy and they keep running around. So they get lost in the forest."

She asked a question before I was able to start my next sentence, "Yung witch, ni-papatay nya ang mga bata?"

I replied, "No, she cooks them! She makes cookies made of little children."

She doesn’t seem petrified with the idea of kids like her being put in a cauldron or oven. In fact, she asked, "What kind of cookies? Chocolate?".

Hmmm I better change my story. It's not working.

I turned to The Hubby for suggestions but he couldn't think of any story that would interest the little girl. My mind suddenly went blank too, at the same time when Eone started to get naughty again. (She is now writing little Es on the menu card.)

Aha! How about the Smurfs? I started my tale again.

"In a far away land, there was a small village. That village was filled with Smurfs."

Her eyes lit up. She has never heard of Smurfs before. "Smurfs? What is that, Mom?"

I continued. I tried to continue, but I couldn't find the words. I DON'T KNOW the Smurfs! I have a very faint recollection of these characters from my childhood (which was not too long ago, ahem!)

"The smurfs are little...they are color blue…mmm.. they are small...small engkanto! mga nuno sa punso!"

The little girl looked at me with profound interest, waiting for me to continue. But The Hubby has started laughing....and thank God the waiter came to serve our orders.

Lesson learned? Stick to boring fairy tales!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Single.Mom.Fabulous!: A Single Moms' Event

Calling all single moms out there! Here's a FREE event organized by the sassy people of Sex and Sensibilities.

Limited seats available so please reserve a slot asap by calling / texting 0927.307.9608.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let's Have A (Green) Kit Kat Break

(Note: I am revising this entry a little after my sister who knows how to read hiragana told me the box says wasabi!)

The Hubby handed a small box of chocolate for Eone the other night. The brand looked very very familiar but the color of the box was very unusual. It was green. And it's a Kit Kat.

The Kit Kat was from his colleague from their business unit (branch) in Tokyo who arrived mid-week and brought some goodies for their team. Kaya naman pala. It's from Japan and indeed, the Japanese can concoct every flavor imaginable for anything edible.

My last statement wasn't just an assumption or opinion I'm expressing. I have been to Japan enough to know their love for variety. In fact, that can be easily recognized by the colors of food you will see when you buy a bento meal.

We all know too how health-conscious the Japanese are and how much they love wasabi, so it's no surprise for me that the Wasabi Kit Kat can only be found in Japan.

While your jaw did not drop to find out there is a wasabi flavored Kit Kat, would knowing that there's a Lemon Vinegar flavor make it? You're also not surprised? How about soy sauce flavor? Haha. You bet there is!

In fact, there were over 50 Kit Kat flavor variants in the Land of the Rising Sun. They go from fruity (apple, banana, orange, blueberry, cantaloupe, watermelon) to veggie (potato, soya, pumpkin). Of course they have Miso flavor. Amazing!

Anyway, Eone was not interested in a green chocolate and neither was The Hubby. I was left to have a 'green break'all by myself.

I am huge fan of Kit Kat and I can finish probably 10 bars in one sitting, but this flavor wasn't just my cup of tea (pun intended). The taste of milk chocolate and wasabi doesn't seem to go together. I am not saying it's not good, I just didn't like it.

When I get the chance to go to Japan again, I'm going to get myself a Soy Sauce Kit Kat. That should go well with my sashimi.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Auto Geek Wanna-be

Shhh. I have a secret.

Don’t tell anyone I don’t know how to drive. Really drive, I mean. Give me a manual transmission car and I will return it to you in several huge pieces.

When I took driving lessons, I chose a manual car even though the car I am going to drive is an automatic one. For four days I drove with both my feet alternately managing the 3 pedals while constantly restarting an engine that seem to never want to remain running. Damn difficult! My last day at the driving school was also the last time I drove a car with a shift stick.

Having said that I really don’t know how to drive, it is also tantamount to saying that I don't know much about cars. My ears automatically shut down when The Hubby starts his litany on engine types, speed, chassis, and other whatchamaCARit. I am only interested in the comfort of riding in our own vehicles so I don't give much time knowing what makes them tick.

That all changed last month when I noticed something was not going well every time I step on the car brakes. It seems that I needed more effort than usual to put the car to a halt. Not only that, I was hearing slight to moderate screeching which prompted me to call my husband's attention.

The Hubby, although a car enthusiast, was far from being a mechanic but he made an intelligent guess that our brake pads were probably worn out or worst, the brake rotors have problems and need replacement.

Since the car was already 5 years old, it's not anymore covered by warranty. This means we can bring it to any repair shop that we want aside from Toyota. The Hubby called a few friends for suggestions as we want to send the car for repair only to a reputable service center. A brake job is something we will not entrust to just any shop - being parents who drive with kids, safety is of utmost important.

Our friends came up with a lot of suggestions, but some shops were too far that driving the car there might do us more harm than good. So like force of habit, I started browsing through the internet for a repair shop in our area. I reckon a good, reputable car repair service company will definitely have a website. Unfortunately, there weren't much to find except for a few links to forums mentioning a car shop's name and telephone number.

Actually, what I wanted to find was a website like RepairPal which is an excellent one-stop-shop for all the information you need about car repairs and maintenance. They also offer free online estimate for a car service or repair and most important of all, they have a directory of car dealers and shops. I sampled it by searching within 'Dallas' and I was presented with a list (and contact details) of Dallas auto repair shops. How convenient!

Anyway, back to our car. Left with no choice, we immediately brought the car to Toyota for the brake job. After the initial inspection of the service advisor/mechanic (read: question and answer), we were told that maybe the rotors were already deformed and need replacement. I asked for the cost and I was quite unhappy as it will eat a chunk of my budget for the month. (Actually it's not even part of my budget!).

A few hours later we were told that the rotors just badly needed some cleaning and we only have to replace the brake pads. I almost danced with joy out after hearing this.

While waiting for The Hubby to pay at the cashier so we can claim our car, I took the chance to ask questions to the mechanic starting with what he calls the rotor (honestly, I thought they've just been mispronouncing the word 'motor'). I listened carefully as the mechanic explained how the brake mechanism of a car works. As if my interest in cars seems to have suddenly been ignited, I craved for more details like a sponge ready to absorb all the car info it can get. I suddenly discovered that cars is an interesting subject to learn, not to the point of getting my hands dirty, but probably just enough to get me through in case my car stalls on me somewhere (knock on wood, I hope this never happens).

Imagine this kikay mom changing a flat tire. Why not? I bet too, all you guys out there will find it sexy interesting to see a’ hot momma' bent over the hood (checking the engine! silly!) of  a huge pickup like a Chevy Silverado.

That would be cool isn’t it?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cremation 101 (this is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Tutorial)

This is supposed to be my 'halloween post' but I had to ask my Mom's permission first to publish the pictures, hence the 2-day delay.

Cremation is now becoming a practical choice as to how our dearly departed ones are to be put to their final resting place. However, despite its growing popularity, a lot of old folks still frown at the idea of having their dead love ones "burned to ashes". I was one of those old folks.

When my Mom told me that she will have my Dad cremated, I almost choked. The scene of my beloved father being engulfed in flames was too much for me to grasp at that time. My Mom said it was my Dad's wish but I had a lot of questions. For one, Mommy has purchased several burial plots and memorial plans years ago, not a space in a columbary.

Anyway, my dad was cremated at Sanctuarium (where we also held his wake). The staff was very well trained in dealing with the bereaved family and answered all my questions politely. They explained every detail of the process and allowed us to witness the 'behind the scenes'.

Here is how a body is cremated:

1. The body is put on a 'tray' that would easily slide into the cremation chamber or cremator (the furnace).

2. The immediate family are called into the crematorium to see and bid farewell to their loved one for the last time. Any personal things that the family wants to be burned together with the body may be put at this time.

3. Once the body is inside the cremator, it will be closed and the 'burning' will begin. The heat will be so high that the flesh and organs of the body will vaporize and oxidize. Only the bone fragments will remain.

4. After an hour or so, the chamber will be opened to check how thorough the cremation process has been going (it all depends on the size and weight of the body)

I remember the staff getting a rake to mix the bone fragments before putting them back into the chamber.

5. After another hour, the chamber will be opened again. The 'tray' will then be removed to allow the bone fragments to cool. This is called the cooling period.

Note: For Chinese families, the cooling period is also the time when the cremation staff goes through the bone fragments to look for colored bones. They are said to signify the good deeds done when the person was still alive. It is very rare that they find colored bones and when they do, the family normally keeps them for good luck and prosperity in business.

My dad's colored bones. Sign of how good a man he was....

6. After the cooling period, metal fragments and other non combustible materials not burned during the process will be removed. Then the bone fragments will be gathered off the tray and transferred into a grinder.

As the staff was setting the grinder, he explained that it is incorrect to call the cremated remains as "ashes" because there are actually no ashes, but only bone fragments. The better term is cremains.

The bone fragments before grinding

7. After grinding, the sand-like cremains are transferred into a zip lock bag (maybe this is unique for Sanctuarium) before weighing.

Average weight of cremated remains is about 3 kilograms.

my dad's cremains weigh 2.4kg

8. The zip lock bag is put again into another bag (we bought a velvet one) before it is placed in an urn. The Urn will be closed tightly and sealed by glue gun.

preparing to seal

Sealed for good!

That's how a body is cremated.

Did it clear up any misinformation you have on cremation? Can you now say f%*# to all those movies that show the 'ashes' scattered on the floor after an urn falls and breaks into pieces?

Do you want to be cremated?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good Times Bed Times

I can't believe it's now the month of November. The days passed by so quickly, I almost didn't feel even the change of seasons (except when it rains hard).

How fast time flies. My Enoe is now going 9 months. His lower incisors finally came out after nights of crying bouts. Two more have started to take a 'peek' and should be out (I mean really out and visible when he smiles) in about a week.

He has started crawling too, and cannot be left alone while he sleeps on the bed. Three weeks ago, I decided to park his crib and cradle for good and started having him sleep with me on the bed.

Months before Enoe came, we were already facing a sleeping dilemma as our queen-sized bed has already become too small for Eone, myself and The Hubby. It's funny sometimes when we think about it; we have 5 rooms in the house and we were all packed in one bed like sardines.

We have actually planned to replace our matrimonial bed with a trundle type bed; something with a 'pull out' underneath where the kids can sleep. However, we couldn't find a queen size so we ended up getting a sofa bed which we can fold away in the morning.

And so the sofa bed became The Hubby and Eone's crib while I take the bed with my son. Eone liked the idea of sleeping on a new bed and The Hubby happy with his share of 'space'.

Everything went smoothly until the other morning when we heard a thud and found my little boy on the floor. Our son who started crawling as soon as he woke up fell from the bed!  Thankfully, he was unharmed but both hubby and I agreed that we need to change our sleeping arrangements. From the other night, litte boy and I slept on the sofa bed which is only 6 inches from the floor while my little girl and him occupied the queen bed.

Of course this arrangement is only temporary. Although I love to have the kids with us in the room, I still believe they should be on their own beds soon.  This prompted me turn on my online shopping powers and browse for space-savers but chic beds on the internet and start planning (and saving) for my children's beds.

When Eone is ready to move to her room (and I hope soon), I will get her a classy-girly twin bunk bed with stairs so she has enough room to snuggle with her dolls and at the same time have extra space in case her cousins or brother want to sleep over.

For Enoe, a toddler bed would be both comfy and cute. I'd love something boyish and naughty - a pirate ship designed bed perhaps?

While Im into beds and drooling on numerous bed designs, I thought the nannies need a replacement of their beds too... not soon but maybe next year. Although the two of them share a room, we recognize their need for a little privacy so we have always opted for a twin bunk bed or a trundle bunk bed. It saves a lot of space but still gives them the comfortable sleep they deserve.

With all these beds that I found in the internet, I think I need another house to put them into. Actually, that's another blog I'm going to write about. :-)

In the meantime, while the kids still want to snuggle under Mommy's blanket, I am left with the most joyful tasks of hugging and kissing and tickling them endlessly ‘til they fall asleep.

Their own beds will have to wait.
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