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Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Top Things I Will Buy or Do If I Win the Lotto

The Grand Lotto draw last night still yielded no winner and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) made a fearless forecast that the pot could grow to Php400 Million on Saturday. Yey! That's the biggest so far in Philippine Lotto history. There were reports that even the rich and famous were already buying lotto tickets, including congressmen and senators. Funny no? With their yearly loot, they still want to take their chances in lotto?

Ako din, I want to win!!! An old adage says it is not good to count your chickens before they hatch, but what the heck. If counting chickens is the nearest I can get to spending Php400 Million, I'll go for it.

Here's my top 10 'to buy and to do' if and when I win the lotto:

1. Set aside the Php300 Million for Eone and Enoe. I'll divide it equally between the two of them and put in a trust fund.

2. Take a month leave from work and take my whole family to a vacation to Europe. Whole family includes my mom, my parents in law, sisters, brothers in law, and nephews (and maybe one or two cousins). Take note, I will only take a leave. I do not intend to stop working (yet) even after winning that huge amount. Why? Because sometimes we work not only because of money. Charing!

3. Build another house within the same village where are now.

4. A shopping spree for Mama (my mommy-in-law). She would love to buy all chic stuff for the house, I bet!

5. Get a Jollibee franchise...then I can probably leave work? hehe

6. Build and fund a small house for abandoned babies.

7. That dream black Hummer for Jason.

8. A house for an aunt whom I love very much.

9. For my Mom who's got a very itchy feet, I'll buy a brand new car (hmm, who's driving?) and 10 RT airline tickets to any destination in the world!

10. Php100K each for cousins (mother side only) and Php200K each for my nannies.

It's not bad to dream. Now, the next thing I should do is buy a lotto ticket.


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