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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bitten by Crocs

I have been planning to replace Eone's favorite Crocs, a Mickey Mouse Cayman, since last month. You see, she's been using that red crocs since she was 2. We bought it at the Crocs outlet in Serendra on my birthday in 2008. My plan really was to get a pair for myself but I ended up getting one for the little girl.

We bought a pair that was bigger than her actual size to give 'allowance' for growth spurts. I was glad we did because her crocs were the only pair of shoes she's had that are still in very good condition. What do we expect, from all the running and jumping of a very frisky girl like her, we'd be lucky if her shoes are still in one piece after 3 months. This made me realize that even if a pair of Crocs is equivalent to 2 to 3 pairs of ordinary children’s shoes, in the end it's a good investment.

Her second pair of Crocs (Genna) was 3 sizes too big when her Ninong Jeff gave it to her as Christmas present also in 2008. It has become our running joke that Eone would be able to wear it when she turns 7 and that how thoughtful Jeff was in sending the gift 5 years ahead.

Anyway, now that we're almost ready to park the red crocs, I thought of getting a replacement first. I also want to get one for Enoe who seem to be eager to start walking already.

Having said that, I have been on the look for another Crocs warehouse sale. The last 3 sales at the Mega Tent were all jam-packed with people that I started feeling suffocated even before we entered the parking lot. So when I learned about this Citibank Crocs and Toys R Us warehouse sale exclusive to card holders, I did not think twice. It was at a much smaller venue and there were less announcements so I figured there will be less people. I was right.

We went yesterday which was also the last day of the sale. As expected, some designs were already sold out and colors and sizes were already limited. Still, I was able to get what I wanted plus an extra pair which I can give away on Christmas.

Guess how much I paid for these 3 pairs?

Php1,110. Yes, you are reading it right.


pyxxie0703 said...

oh wow weng, this is an amazing find! wish me mga ganito pa ulit in the future.

BratinelangKikay said...

dont worry when i come across another crocs sale, i'll let you know in advance :-)

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