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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dear Daddy,

You have been constantly in my thoughts the past few days, more frequent than usual. I don't know why.

Is it because it's just less than a month away before Christmas and I'm beginning to miss you more? It will be the second Christmas without you. For the second time, Mom will continue all by herself your annual tradition of wrapping and giving presents not only to family and relatives but also to less fortunate kids.

Is it because I'm getting hammered at work lately that I am feeling unsually tired and frustrated? When you were still around, you would ask me how my day went; you would patiently listen to my rants and laugh at my misadventures.

Is it because my two little bundles of joy are growing up fast and smart and wonderful without their Lolo Love? They'll be spoiled rotten by you for sure especially your princess Eone who happily shouts your name whenever she sees a photo of you.

I guess it's all of the above. The bottom line is the plain but sad truth that I just miss you.

Here is a video of you at the last party we had (2 months) before you went to heaven. You were singing (again) your favorite song, Constantly.

The lyrics of your favorite song best illustrate how we are feeling...

All day I'm walking in a dream
I think about you constantly
Just like an ever flowing stream
Your memory haunts me constantly

Shadows fall and I try to drive you from my mind
So you're no longer near to me
But my heart sees you there with me
Every sunset you share with me

The rain that patters through the tree reminds
Me of you constantly
Your name is whispered by the breeze and love birds
Bring your song to me

Just as sure as each star keeps burning
In the sky your love will stay a flame in me
A flame that burns so bright
Not only through the night
But constantly

Though we may be far apart
You're constantly deep in my heart

I love you Dad!

Your Kikay


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