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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good Times Bed Times

I can't believe it's now the month of November. The days passed by so quickly, I almost didn't feel even the change of seasons (except when it rains hard).

How fast time flies. My Enoe is now going 9 months. His lower incisors finally came out after nights of crying bouts. Two more have started to take a 'peek' and should be out (I mean really out and visible when he smiles) in about a week.

He has started crawling too, and cannot be left alone while he sleeps on the bed. Three weeks ago, I decided to park his crib and cradle for good and started having him sleep with me on the bed.

Months before Enoe came, we were already facing a sleeping dilemma as our queen-sized bed has already become too small for Eone, myself and The Hubby. It's funny sometimes when we think about it; we have 5 rooms in the house and we were all packed in one bed like sardines.

We have actually planned to replace our matrimonial bed with a trundle type bed; something with a 'pull out' underneath where the kids can sleep. However, we couldn't find a queen size so we ended up getting a sofa bed which we can fold away in the morning.

And so the sofa bed became The Hubby and Eone's crib while I take the bed with my son. Eone liked the idea of sleeping on a new bed and The Hubby happy with his share of 'space'.

Everything went smoothly until the other morning when we heard a thud and found my little boy on the floor. Our son who started crawling as soon as he woke up fell from the bed!  Thankfully, he was unharmed but both hubby and I agreed that we need to change our sleeping arrangements. From the other night, litte boy and I slept on the sofa bed which is only 6 inches from the floor while my little girl and him occupied the queen bed.

Of course this arrangement is only temporary. Although I love to have the kids with us in the room, I still believe they should be on their own beds soon.  This prompted me turn on my online shopping powers and browse for space-savers but chic beds on the internet and start planning (and saving) for my children's beds.

When Eone is ready to move to her room (and I hope soon), I will get her a classy-girly twin bunk bed with stairs so she has enough room to snuggle with her dolls and at the same time have extra space in case her cousins or brother want to sleep over.

For Enoe, a toddler bed would be both comfy and cute. I'd love something boyish and naughty - a pirate ship designed bed perhaps?

While Im into beds and drooling on numerous bed designs, I thought the nannies need a replacement of their beds too... not soon but maybe next year. Although the two of them share a room, we recognize their need for a little privacy so we have always opted for a twin bunk bed or a trundle bunk bed. It saves a lot of space but still gives them the comfortable sleep they deserve.

With all these beds that I found in the internet, I think I need another house to put them into. Actually, that's another blog I'm going to write about. :-)

In the meantime, while the kids still want to snuggle under Mommy's blanket, I am left with the most joyful tasks of hugging and kissing and tickling them endlessly ‘til they fall asleep.

Their own beds will have to wait.


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