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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Want a Kiddie Language Dictionary!

"Mommy, I want pansal bread", Eone requested while we were driving home. At 4 years old, she still mispronounce a lot of words but pansal was very clear to me as pan de sal. Or so I thought.

Pan de Sal is so easy to get around Manila; almost all bakeries in every corner sell them but the best of course is the bread from Pan De Manila.

Food requests are almost always granted, so I said "Okay, we'll stop to buy pan de sal".

Upon hearing that, she went a little nuts. "No! I want pansal bread! Pansal bread!".

"Yes! That's what we're getting!", I exclaimed while parking in front of Pan de Manila near our village.

By the time I got the bread, she was almost crying, saying I bought the wrong bread. WTF!

So I asked her to describe to me what is a pansal bread. She appeared exhausted and frustrated by Mommy's ignorance as she said "Pansal bread, the one you sawsaw (dip) in chocolate! It's like this...", and then she drew a ribbon-like image in the air.

She wants a PRETZEL!


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