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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tag a Log Trans Lay Tien

We had  a very late dinner last night at a small resto near our village. While waiting for our orders, I entertained myself by reading their travel magazines. I particularly browsed through a booklet-type travel guide called My Boracay Guide.

Look what I have found...

This is the result when English to Filipino translation was done by a foreigner. Or maybe the translation was written that way so foreigners can pronounce the words better and easier? I doubt. "Hinday" is so exaggerated and unacceptable if this was written by a Filipino.

Anyway, it's sooo close to how we play charades - sounds like and by number of syllables. Kakalurkey!

"Ca moose ta ka?"

Hahahahah! Should I reply, "Ma boo tee poe"?


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