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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Enoe's First Christmas

This is my Enoe's very first Christmas and we enjoyed it tremendously. But the one who loved it most is my daughter who couldn't decide which gift to open first or which toy to start playing with. Christmas is indeed for children.

Being just 10 months, I know my son had no idea what the happy commotion was all about, but I am certain he felt the joy of the season. For one, his Lola Mary and Lolo Lui came home just to celebrate the holidays with us.

By the way, this was our Noche Buena spread, cooked by no other than Mama - our sexy Chef!

We ate together as one family and sincerely felt the spirit of Christmas as the three girls who are taking care of our kids and our home shared the table with us. We had red wine which went well with the turkey but I struggled with 3 sips even if I already mixed it with coke and ice cubes. I felt my head spin and thought I saw Rudolf, The Reindeer.

We had a meaningful and happy Christmas. I hope everyone had a blessed one too.

Merry Christmas!


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