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Friday, December 17, 2010

My Name is Lucky

I am one heck of a lucky girl. Really.

Although I have had my share of misfortunes like the horrible hold up incident by the Ipit Taxi Gang, getting victimized by jewelry snatchers twice and pick-pockets twice as well, my good fortunes definitely outnumber the bad.

Take for example this incident few weekends ago when Mommy, Eone and I dined at McDonalds in Fontera Verde. After ordering food, I vividly remember getting Php1K bill from my wallet but put the change in my jeans front pocket after paying. The following day, we were on the road to Batangas when The Hubby asked me for cash (20s or 50s) to pay for the toll fee. I looked for my wallet and couldn't find it.

I tried to be as calm as possible; my first thought was I left it at home but my logical alter-ego reasoned out that it's impossible since I did not open my bag anymore when we got home the previous until we left early that morning. I tried my best to trace back the places and times that I paid for something and took out my wallet. And over and over, I end up with McDo.

McDonald's is a popular fast-food with hundreds of diners daily. The night we were there, it was so full we didn't have any parking space. There were also 2 birthday parties being held simultaneously. I knew my chances of finding my wallet were nil. Hubby said I better start calling the credit card companies and cancel my cards.

But I am not one to lose hope that easily. I tried to connect to the McDonald's website via The Hubby's iphone to check Fontera Verde's number. Nada. The signal (Globe) was weak and connection was very slow. So I switched to another game plan and called the delivery hotline and requested for assistance in obtaining Fontera Verde's number.

I called and politely inquired if anyone have found a wallet the previous evening. Instead of replying, the crew called in his manager. I repeated my inquiry. The manager asked for my name which I promptly gave. Then she said the most wonderful sentence of the day, "It's here po.".


It turned out when I paid for our food, I left my wallet at the COUNTER. Luck of all luck, it was the Senior Citizens lane and there was no lola or lolo after me.

If that's not lucky, I'd call myself blessed. I think I like the latter better.


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