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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sorry Doesn't Make It Anymore....

What will you do if you win the super lotto and someone revealed to the whole world who you are? Me, I will run away, far far away, for dear life.

But hey, there is something worse than that. What if some irresponsible, mega excited socialite revealed your name and YOU ARE NOT THE WINNER!?? What do you do?

Read the story here.

Great job, Tim Yap! Nakakalurkey ka!

If the poor guy gets kidnapped, you should pay for his ransom.  Even if indeed Miko Morelos won the lotto, why would you announce it? Even PCSO is too cautious in disclosing who the lotto winner is (thus, I don't believe there was a winner, hehe)

Anyway, after all the trouble and possible threat to the poor guy's life, all Tim's got to say is this?

and this...

Would an apology suffice? 

I'm so waiting for Brian Gorrell to update his blog :-)


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