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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vente Pesos

I am showing off my very own new generation Php20 bill courtesy of my darling sister who works at Bangko Sentral.

It has a different shade of orange than the old one and it really looked like play money (but hey, don't we all play with money?).

Just an observation, Manuel Quezon looked younger in the new generation version with a new hairdo that is similar to papa Piolo. The old money looks like the Lolo Manuel with a receding hairline.

And oh, the error that critics have been making noise of is the scientific name of the endemic animals. Here in the twenty bill, the Palm Civet should have been Paradoxurus hermaphroditus.

According to the Scientific Name website, the scientific name for every organism is comprised of a combination of two terms, the genus name and the species or epithet. Both of these terms are italicized and the genus name is also capitalized. 

Actually, I just realized that due to this 'error', my Php20 note has just become a collector's item.


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