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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Banchetto, the Food Trip Heaven

The first time we went to Banchetto in Emerald, I was only able to try food from approximately 5 stalls. I have been forewarned there are so much food in the street it will be hard to decide what to buy. I didn't believe until I was already in the middle of a crowded lane waiting for my crepe. Also, the first time I went, I forgot to bring my camera and my brilliant brother-in-law brought a camera with no battery charge. Ayus.

So this was my second time in Banchetto and I knew already what to expect.

I knew there will be lots of people trying to squeeze themselves into a narrow alley of  food, food, food!

At first I thought it was fun, but when I wasn't able to move further for a good 5 minutes, I started to quietly panic. (meganun? panic ng tahimik? hahaha!). I told Jeff to turn to the next corner available because I couldn't breathe anymore.

E kasi naman, look at these Pinoy specialty dishes... it's seldom that you will find them all in one resto or food court...

Cebu lechon...if I recall correctly 1kilo is Php600.
They also serve by meal - rice, dinuguan & lechon for Php90.

This is what I came back for - Angus Beef Kebab by Food Guru. Their stall is a corner one, I just couldn't tell which corner but despite the hundreds of people, it should be easy to spot. Just follow the smoke...

Angus beef kebab, very tender and juicy - Php55 per stick

Another blockbuster hit at Banchetto is this stall that sells nothing but grilled. Isaw ng Baboy (pig intestine), Isaw ng Manok (chicken intestine), Tenga (pig's ears), Liempo (pork belly), hotdog, dried squid and many more. They grill almost anything!

Everyone who's been to Banchetto would have tasted or least visited this stall selling Monster Burgers. These huge round of protein cost Php120 for the half pounder. The patty is so thick I wonder (worry) if it will ever cook properly. I didn't get to try these, one because I am not a fan of burgers and second was the line was so long and I just didn't have the patience to wait that night.

Aside from viands, burgers and main courses, there are also several stalls selling desserts. There was even one that sells chocolate fondue. I wanted to have cake and so was Jeff and it didn't take so much effort to spot the bakers.

These cakes are being sold by Sweet for my Sweet. Some cakes sell for Php60, others at Php80. The fast moving items from my observation were those that sell at 3 for Php100. We arrived there while a few people were purchasing Braso De Mercedes so we did too. That may be the only food I tried that night that I didn't like. It's hard to describe the taste but I can only sum it up in one word - commercialized.

These fruits covered in chocolate and mallows caught my attention. Nice to look, but not to buy :-)

This cheesecake has a story with no happy ending. While Jeff's cake was being boxed, I bought a slice of this supposed to be strawberry cheesecake. I had high expectations because it really looked tempting...I should have resisted. I wasn't able to taste any cheese in this cheesecake. As in!

I guess I wasn't lucky with desserts that night.

From this second trip to Banchetto, I got to try around food from about 5 stalls again. That means I have about around 90 more to try.

That means I will go back again soon.

To learn Banchetto's schedule (there is one at Emerald, one in Libis and another at Pioneer), please visit their website.


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