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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food Galore: Choi Palace, Eastwood

As a token of gratitude and appreciation to Tess for helping us keep in order our home and children for almost 2 years (and who will be leaving us to try another job opportunity), the entire household went to dinner at Choi Palace.

Choi Palace is a newly opened dining place at Eastwood Mall. It's the same as the one at the Atrium in Megamall but the location dictated the price difference on the menu.

The restaurant in Eastwood Mall has a more 'sosyal' appearance. The ambiance is still very Chinese but the light fixtures added a modern twist to the setup.

The first thing I noticed were the round tables covered with yellow-gold linen and surrounded by chairs dressed in red. Posh!

And the plates are lovely too...

Since this dinner is special and my Mom joined us, we ordered Peking Duck. We've been craving for duck since December and dined in about 10 Chinese restaurants during the holidays but no one remembered to order it.

We had the duck two-way. "First way" was duck skin adorned with spring onion and hoisin sauce and then wrapped in thick rice paper. What remained of the duck - some skin, fat and meat were minced, tossed and cooked together. That's the second way, served with lettuce and hoisin sauce (again).

2nd way and then no way!

Cold cuts is a popular appetizer among Chinese restos and we are not going to pass up the chance to try them at Choi Palace.

I didn't expect the chicken cuts which appears like embotido. It came with minced ginger and olive oil on the side similar to the condiments for Hainanese Chicken.

The kids want soup so we had Eone's staple, beef noodle soup. At Php140, I find the serving generous especially when I saw the huge chunks of beef.

I thought Enoe, my 10-month old muncher, would love the noodle soup too. But no. He liked the Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet in Garlic better. At first I was kind'a hesitant to feed my son with the fish topped with tons of garlic so I tried a small piece first myself. The fish was very soft and tasty, and surprisingly the garlic flavor didn't register too strong.

two-thumbs up for this dish

Hot Prawn Salad is The Hubby's favorite so we ordered (although the price disagrees with my budget). We asked only for the small serving which according to the order-taker was just enough for all of us. Eto sya..

Although the prawns are fairly huge in size, there's just about 8 pieces and I think they put too much mayonnaise into the dish. To me it's expensive for Php700, and for the small order.

Despite having ordered already one prawn dish, my little girl insisted on ordering suahe. She probably saw it from another table. The minimum order is 300 grams (live, fresh from the aquarium) and silly waiter sent 400 grams of boiled suahe to our table. Most of these shrimps were taken home.

Everyone enjoyed the food, especially my little boy. I had a blast feeding him; alternating soup, fish fillet and rice.

We'll definitely go back at Choi Palace, probably when my in-laws are in town. I'm sure next time we're dining will be better. The Hubby and I have already noted what NOT to order next time.

Choi Palace is at the 3rd Level, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Libis.


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